We all mess up at work once in a while. It’s part of human nature to fail once in a while, right?

But then there are those big screw-ups that happen at work that you can’t get out of your head for years…and you know your co-workers are never going to forget them, either…

People took to Twitter to admit their worst job screw-ups and they are pretty entertaining…because they didn’t happen to you…

1. She’s no longer with us…

And it’s your fault!

2. A new kind of milkshake.

That sounds disgusting.

3. You ma’am, are a legend.

What a story!

4. Not a good start.

And you might have killed someone!

5. Two big mistakes.

I wonder how long he worked there…

6. Oops, forgot about that.

Probably pissed a lot of people off…

7. A good line of questioning.

That probably went over well.

8. Is it small?

Doh! Sorry about that…

9. No shoes, no problem.

Well, there might be a small problem…

10. After all these years…

You left your mark.

11. Oh, boy…

Bad choice of words.

12. Not the right message.

I bet your boss was pissed!

13. That is really bad.

Like, REALLY bad.

14. You don’t know me????

A major fail.

How about you?

What was your biggest screw-up at a job?

Tell us your stories in the comments!