Everyone is different, but I’m glad that I’ve avoided doing most drugs in my life.

I’ve experimented a teeny tiny bit, but I realized early on it wasn’t for me so I never went any further.

And I’m happy about it!

What have you managed to avoid your whole life?

AskReddit users spoke up.

1. Lucky.

“I’m 38 – I’ve never been stung by a bee or a wasp.

They seem to be naturally repelled from my skin.

Mosquitoes on the other hand…”

2. Pray that it doesn’t.

“Kidney stones.

I had problems getting on the right medication.

Found one 5 years where the biggest side effect is kidney stones.

Thank the lord it hasn’t happened…yet.”

3. Best to avoid it.

“Being arrested.

One of my favorite stories in recent years was that 99 year old lady who asked to be arrested as part of her bucket list.”

4. Not out of the woods yet.

“Jury Duty (I’m almost 37).

I always had some interest in the legal system, I watch law/lawyer videos on YouTube from time to time.

I have a very little knowledge but a decent understanding on how it works and I thought I’d be cool, no matter how mundane – just to see it firsthand.”

5. Congrats!

“Going to the bathroom outside.

Not much of an accomplishment but during my employment for the U.S. Forest Service I realized that I’ve never gone in the woods and I’d like to keep that streak going.”

6. Pacifist.

“A fistfight.

Aside from my siblings, I’ve never been in a physical fight.”

7. They’re kinda depressing.

“Dating apps.

Some of us have been in a relationship since before those were really a thing. Match.com existed, but I was married before tinder really was a thing.

It’s crazy how fast things change.”

8. A good thing.

“Being cheated on.

Or cheating on someone.

With the stuff I see on here, I feel blessed.”

9. Lifelong virgin.


29 years and counting!”

10. You’ll get it someday.

“Parallel parking.

The first time I went for my road test I hit another car while attempting to parallel park.

The second time there was a festival going on in town and the examiner skipped the parallel parking part. I got my licence.

30 years later and I still haven’t done it.”

11. Still going strong.

“Avoided an overnight hospital stay, despite a recent bout of Covid.

I’m 72 years old.”

12. Nice choppers.


I think a lot of it has to do with genetics.

I’ve never had a cavity and my dental routine isnt impeccable.”

13. Just can’t do it.

“I’ve never seen the entire introduction to MASH, intentionally.

There have been some close calls but never have seen the entire thing in one sitting.

I’m not sure why.”

14. You’re lucky.

“Depression and other mental health issues.

I feel very lucky to not be in that downward spiral. I am only in awe of how people fight their way through it.

You guys deserve much more love.”

What have YOU managed to avoid your whole life?

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Thanks in advance!