Ok, so, hear me out: everybody is ageing differently than they used to.

I mean, we’re all still ageing. And we used to be too. That’s why we are now. Because the past brought us here, which is later than then. But NOW we’re noticing that then, the folks who’d had more then than some of us did, they were SHOWING all the then to now on their faces more than the we-us of now are. You know what I mean?

Ok, probably not. Let’s let Twitter step in and explain all of this a little better. Please take note of our evidentiary exhibits below.

10. The hypothesis

Brandon McCarthy is onto something, even though he doubts himself here.

9. Swing and a miss

I mean, it’s not that he looks bad, but 24?! This man CLEARLY has a reverse mortgage.

8. Rock steady

Somebody get him in here, I have questions that need answered.

7. Everybody knows your name

That’s like, my age. Cool.

6. Bird is the word

Things are different when you’re flying that high in the sky.

5. Smoke ’em in you got ’em

Ooooh, so THAT’s the secret!

4. They grow up so fast

Pick up ANY of them you can find, it’s ABSOLUTELY true.

3. Hey Bobby

He looks like he has a grandson who’s a senior in high school.

2. Drink ’em up too

Well, that would explain…me…I guess.

1. And then there’s Maude

But wait…the CAT was 29?!

Alright, well, after that cat revelation I have a whole new rabbit hole to dive down.

What do you make of all this?

Tell us your analysis in the comments.