You’re probably familiar with the legend of the Fountain of Youth. Many different cultures have their own variations on this concept. Often, a person’s desire to stay young forever is traded away for some horrible consequence that they’ll face on account of their insatiable vanity.

Or, at best, the Fountain is just never found, and the little time we have on earth is ironically wasted trying to remain young.

But what if, though some sort of accident, we actually are achieving that goal, slowly but surely? Twitter is on the case.

10. The question

This entire strange investigation began with Brandon McCarthy’s “nonsense” observation…

9. 23 and me

That man looks 50 if he’s a day.

8. Hey Sparky!

I’m guessing that’s what happens when you stand outside all day and never use sunscreen.

7. Dear ol’ dad

His face doesn’t look old, it’s more the context of the thing.

6. Richie Valens

Didn’t even make it to the 27 club.

5. Teenage dream

Yeah I would have guessed 27.

4. Liz Taylor

Of course, we do need to keep in mind the power of makeup and professional lighting.

3. The dudes

Without the super long hair it might not be such a tough sell.

2. My old man

Well, living in the Nixon era will do that to you.

1. The great depression

Dang, I’M 32.

So, are we getting older at an older age? Does that question even make sense?

What do you make of this?

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