I’m one of those guys who looks exactly like my dad. Like, every genetic thing you can imagine basically got copied directly from him, it’s uncanny. If you knew me and you didn’t know my dad, but you happened to see him randomly in public, you’d say “Hello Ben’s father” and then do the secret handshake I’d taught you.


I didn’t get his height. He’s like 6’2, I’m 5’10. Because why? Because screw me, that’s why. It’s some weird, genetic practical joke.

In any case, it can be fun to compare like that, which is just what these Redditors decided to do, and the resemblance is uncanny.

10. The 27 time

Would prefer fur baby over regular baby every time, personally.

My mom at 27 years old VS. me at 27 years old. from pics

9. The clone

Hair color has shifted, but otherwise…

I always knew my brother looked like our dad, but I didn’t realize he was a duplicate until now from pics

8. The split

Why do I feel like combined you two are the world’s greatest rock star?

My mom and me, she’s 54 I’m 25 from pics

7. 20’s 20’s


Great Granddaughter (2021) & Great Grandmother (1920), both in their early 20s. from PastAndPresentPics

6. Yellow Submarine

Nah, I can see it.

I posted a side-by-side with my dad the other day, but was told the resemblance didn’t come across, so here’s a better attempt. I give you The Beatles, before and after drugs. from PastAndPresentPics

5. Blanket statements

Ok but which one is which, even?

Me and my son 27 years apart. Same Moses blanket, basket and onesie! from PastAndPresentPics

4. Dapper man

So that means that your dad was…*does math* 19 years old when you were born. Dang, dude. When I was 19 I barely knew how to write a check.

Me and my dad. 1982 and 2021. Both age 20, 39 years apart. from pics

3. Matching freckles

They’re our little constellations.

My son and I have matching freckles in the same spot from mildlyinteresting

2. 3rd grade

Back then you weren’t allowed to smile. Now you just don’t want to.

My 3rd-grade picture and my grandfather from the samat the age from mildlyinteresting

1. Holding on

So very cute.

My mom holding me (1989) vs. Me holding my son (2017) from pics

Of course, how much we take after our parents in the looks department matters a little less than the values they instilled in us. That’s where it counts.

How much do you look like your parents?

Tell us in the comments.