I sincerely hope that the stories you’re about to read will not only make you appreciate the times that a stranger has helped you out but will also encourage you to lend a helping hand next time you see someone who needs some assistance.

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Here are some heartwarming stories from AskReddit users who got big helping hands from total strangers.

1. The race.

“I was running a 5k race by myself when I was 10. It was really cold and the road I was running on was covered with cracks.

There were a lot of people that were a lot older than me and I was scared and alone. I started the race fine but when I got near the finish, there was a part on the road that had a huge hole. I didn’t see the hole and I fell.

I was by myself and I was now hurt. but then a bunch of the other runners stopped and helped me up and made sure I was ok. They asked if I had someone with me and I said no so they ran with me to the finish.

My leg was bleeding a bit so they stayed with me until I got my leg wrapped up and I found my family. I won’t forget those 2 women and 3 men that helped me.”

2. Lost at Disney.

“Once, I was lost in Disney World because I was staring at some toys in a shop, and my parents kept walking. As soon as I noticed I was lost, an elderly couple came by.

I asked them if they had seen my parents. They said no, but they spent the rest of the afternoon helping me try to find my parents, even though that was their last day in Disney.

And to top it all off, once we found my parents, they bought me the toy I was staring at when my parents accidentally left without me.”

3. Pitching in.

“I have had complete strangers from the internet contribute toward my beloved dog’s surgery costs.

We aren’t out of the woods yet, but the kindness of those strangers will stay with me forever.”

4. You helped out!

“When I was like 7, I went to Utah for the first time while it was snowing! (I live in the dry desert so we don’t ever get snow) so me and my cousins went and thought that it was so “bad” to go and dust the snow off peoples cars.

So when we were in the middle of doing so, the garage opened. We all scattered and hid. The guy was equipped with something you would use to take the snow off a car.

But his job was already done, for we had done it for him. He saw our little heads poking out and we thought we were in trouble. However the guy said “hey! You saved me from being late to work!” And he gave us candy ?”

5. At the museum.

“Many years ago the Seattle Art Museum had a showing of Impressionist paintings from the Louvre. It was attracting massive crowds.

On the last day of the exhibit, I got there very early only to find the line already going around the block. After two hours, we were told that it would still be about four hours before we made it to the front of the line but that if anyone bought a season’s pass to the museum, they could go in right away.

The woman behind me (a stranger) decided to buy the pass, so she left the line and went in. I didn’t have the money for a season pass and was debating whether or not I wanted to wait another four hours or just go home. Then I noticed the woman walking back down the line, looking intently at everyone she passed.

She noticed me and said that she bought season passes for her and her boyfriend but he was out of town. So she gave me his ticket for the day and then she headed back into the museum before I could even thank her. It was so cool to be able to leave the line and walk right into the showing when I was expecting a four hour wait!”

6. I still weep…

“After getting away from an abusive relationship, I went to a local Catholic Charity to ask for clothing suitable to a job interview. I was encouraged to accept as much clothing as I wished so I would have enough for at least a week’s work.

As I chose the items, the woman left the room. When she came back she was carrying 4 bags of food for my son and I. That was 20 years ago and I still weep when remembering her kindness. I got the job. My son and I got back on our feet.”

7. Two nice people!

“I was at a Wal-Mart and I was in the check out line and I dropped something and I didn’t have a cart at all so I used my arms to carry everything.

This person comes and takes my stuff out of my arms and puts it on the conveyor belt and I didn’t have enough money on me so the person in the next lane over gave me a dollar to pay for my things.”

8. A good deed.

“When I was little, some older kids were bullying me.

A stranger stopped and explained why it’s not right to do that and said that it probably means that they have some trouble in their homes or something like that.

So they got embarrassed and stopped. I was and still am thankful for that.”

9. It’s on me.

“Someone paid for my food at McDonalds.

We also did it for the people behind us and the chain according to the cashier, went on for the whole day. That’s what one act of kindness can do.

Be kind today.”

10. This is awesome.

“It was last week when I voted early at FAMU in Florida. I’m in a walker after hip surgery. I asked the young man at the ballot box drop off station, while in my car, where handicapped parking was since I’d come to vote in person. He pointed down the road.

When I got to the lot it turned out it was on a steep hill. I got out of my car but decided there was no way I could get up the hill and down the road a block On my own and I was preparing to leave, massively disappointed, when there he came, having found someone else to take care of his station,, to help me.

It took me an hour to vote even though there was no line, and he was at my side the whole way. It was an awesome achievement for me. And it was only possible because of his spirit.”

11. Summer camp.

“I was ten years old, and I was at a summer camp.

For some background, at home I was being abused by an uncaring father who’s favorite thing to tell me was how stupid I was, how greedy, and what a bad person. A friend of mine was joking around and told me that I was stupid, which eventually triggered me into a panic attack. I was hyperventilating and crying in the middle of a large group, but one camp leader noticed.

She pulled me away from the crowd, had me take a walk with her to find a bench. She didn’t even know my name, but she pulled me in her lap and hugged me tight, rocking me and wiping my tears away when I finished. Every time my mind falls to the words of my ex-father, I instead turn my mind to her.

I will never forget that day, and looking back on it from a much better place and mental wellness view, it still makes me smile.”

12. Very wholesome.

“I was an older college student (in my 40’s) and didn’t have a lot of money. I was in the snack bar and wanted a bottled drink. I got it out of the cooler, counted my money, decided I didn’t have enough, and put it back.

Some younger college students saw me and insisted on paying for it. I told them they didn’t have to do that, but they wanted to. That was so nice of them. I have paid it forward several times since then.”

13. Support system.

“I was living in a new city & just made a great group of friends. Shortly thereafter my dad got sick & passed away. These women who were complete strangers 6 months earlier, all reached out to me & shared their experiences and support.

I was in my 30′ & felt like the only person in the world without a dad. 4 of my new friends also had lost their dads & knew just what to say so I didn’t feel so devastatingly alone. It truly was my life raft that kept me above water.”

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