I don’t know what you think, but any food classified as “dangerous” doesn’t sound like a good time to me.

It sounds like something that might eat its way out of my stomach…or burn my insides so bad that I’ll regret it BIG TIME.

But I guess some folks out there like to live dangerously…

And these folks on AskReddit definitely do…

1. Yikes!

“Fried rattlesnake!

The guy didn’t tell me it was still filled with dozens of tiny ribs which lodged in the back of my mouth.

I had to reach in with my hand and pull them out before I felt safe to breathe again.”

2. Bad aftertaste.

“Fermented shark.

The taste itself was enough to make my stomach quiver, but worse were the flavor burps that lasted for two days that no amount of toothpaste/mouthwash could destroy.”

3. Those aren’t blueberries.

“I was like 7 years old at my grandmas and I found a muffin in her kitchen in the food pantry.

Turns out that s**t was at least 6 months old and was blue on the inside.

It wasn’t a blueberry muffin.”

4. Beware of shrooms.

“I accidentally ate a poisonous mushroom on vacation.

I was non-responsive and ended up in the hospital for a couple of days.

To clarify: We had gotten a basket full of mushrooms from some friendly locals for dinner.

None of them were poisonous except the one I ate.

Nobody knew it was poisonous until I wouldn’t wake up later that night when I was in bed.”

5. Playing with fire.

“Tacos from Taco King in New York.

I had to get my stomach pumped.

I’ll never forget the agonizing pain and vomiting that it caused.”

6. Gotta be careful.


Almost choked to death when a long piece of fat that wasn’t properly cooked through got halfway stuck in my throat.”

7. Food poisoning.

“A chicken schnitzel from the Woolies deli.

I don’t know if it was me who cooked it wrong or the fact that it was sitting on display in the deli cabinet until the end of the day when the shop was closing but….

It gave me such violent gastro/food poisoning I thought I was going to die. I’d never experienced food poisoning before, my family had gone on holiday while I was home alone and I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t stand and could barely drink.

I didn’t have any appetite and when I forced myself to eat to survive, I would vomit or s**t it out immediately afterwards. I’ve never s**t myself before and I’ve never experienced s**t that was clear and watery because water was the only thing entering my body.

Realistically I SHOULD probably have gone to hospital but I’ve never been before and I didn’t want to put stress on them because they get so busy.

Now that it’s all over, I’ll always appreciate being able to eat food and have it stay inside me. And also never buy chicken schnitzel from the deli in the supermarket ever again.”

8. Enjoy!

“Beef salad from a street vendor in Bangkok.

Watched as the salad was prepared on the same, unwashed, bloody cutting board used to prepare the raw beef and still decided it was okay to eat.

By some stroke of luck I made it out okay, but my two friends who ate it with me had diarrhea for days.”

9. Uh oh.

“Went on a study abroad to India. Our group went to a reception dinner at a local school, where the cooks had made a special northern delicacy for us.

It was a very yummy goat curry, and as I’m happily munching away, wiping my eyes every few minutes because it’s super spicy, of course, I crunch into something.

My throat immediately closed up and I’m fairly certain my face turned purple. It felt like I’d been doused in napalm, and also an elephant sat on me. A friend sitting next to me is looking at me like, “Dude, are you okay? What do we do??” and I’m just there trying to figure out how to breathe again.

I don’t want to offend anyone by spitting it out, so I just swallow it and immediately regret every decision that had brought me to that moment. I managed to get hold of the bowl of fresh mango they’d been passing around and just shoved a piece in my mouth and prayed.

Then I look around me and see that even the local folks are pulling these ugly little peppers out of their mouths without biting into them, just setting them to the side.

Turns out it was a Ghost Pepper curry and I, an asthmatic, chomped right into one without realizing it was there, and it was so freaking spicy it triggered an immediate asthma attack.

And I was so anxious and socially awkward that I just powered through it by sucking on a piece of mango until the tears had stopped enough for me to excuse myself to go find my bag and get my inhaler.”

10. MSM.

“Methylsulfonylmethane or MSM.

It’s a dietary supplement that some people take to treat joint issues. My FIL was taking it and wanted me to try it because it has a very peculiar taste. He gave be a spoon that probably only had 1/8-1/4 teaspoon of the powder on it. I took it, tasted it, it was very bitter, and swallowed.

Within a few minutes my throat began to swell, I had some tightness to my chest and some wheezing plus some hives awhile later. I had started into anaphylaxis.

Luckily it didn’t proceed too far.

That’s how I discovered I was allergic to sulfur and/or sulfur compounds.”

11. No way.

“Chicken a friend of mine made.

She thought if you can eat a steak medium rare, it would be fine to marinate chicken, call it a chicken steak and eat it medium rare.”

12. Allergic.


Apparent I’m allergic to them and didn’t know for the first 28 years of my life.

My daughter was describing how bananas make her throat itchy and that’s when my wife told me that wasn’t normal…

Still love them I’m just a bit more careful as to how many I consume.”

13. Mom better be careful…

“Gyromitra esculenta.

Poisonous mushroom that can be lethal if not parboiled correctly, but I trust my mom.

She makes AMAZING mushroom sauce from them. One of the best thing I’ve eaten.”

14. Gotta check that date.

“House was low on food. Grabbed a random can of soup.

It tasted like NOTHING. Thought I was getting Corona.

I decided to look at the can and the expiration date was more than 10 years ago.

Didn’t get sick luckily.”

15. Bad idea.

“I used to eat raw hamburger meat right out of the package. I LOVED it as a kid.

When I got older and learned how contaminated ground beef was I was shocked I didn’t die of E Coli poisoning.

I later discovered steak tartar and I prepare it myself from a larger piece of meat.”

16. Uh oh.

“Undercooked dry kidney beans.

You need to cook a toxin out of them before you eat them, usually by boiling for 15-20 minutes.

I was just tossing them in a slow cooker when I was making chili.

Luck was on my side, until it wasn’t.

Imagine, if you will, a case of food poisoning. Usually it only lasts for about a day or so until your body has cleaned house.

Compress that entire experience into four hours.

I buy canned beans now.”

17. Bad ice cream.

“Self-made ice cream.

Some ingredients were bad and the whole family got salmonella. It was not a fun week.

Couldn’t control anymore when to go to the toilet, had to run there at night already sh**ting myself, puking a few times a day.”

18. On fire.

“Flashbang Hot Sauce. I did a challenge with it and ate about half a teaspoon.

At first, when the room started spinning, and my ears started ringing, I knew I was in trouble.

When the double vision started, my fight or flight kicked in like an actual grizzly bear was in the room.

I blacked out at one point and came to in the washroom trying to throw up the lava boiling my insides.

It was pretty much Homer Simpson’s chili experience, but in real life”

19. See you in Hell.

“Taco Bell 7-layer burrito.

Turns out it was a key that opened the seventh circle of Hell in my guts.”

20. Doesn’t sound appetizing.

“In Vietnam they really like to eat eggs that are really close to hatching, meaning that the chick is inside of it and covered in goo.

They told me that it was supposed to bring good luck and protect you against demons.

Haven’t had any encounters with demons after that, so must’ve worked.”

21. Feeling nauseous.

“A peanut sweet we have here in Brazil.

Just hearing it’s name gives me nausea to this day.

I was 7 the first and only time I ate it and I threw it up so much in the car my dad used to have, that when he sold it it still had a stain in the backseat.

Never again.”

22. Risky business.

“Yew berries.

Suck off the outside fleshy stuff and it’s delicious and healthy. Bite into the seed thing in the middle and you d**…

Not sure how true this is but they are for sure pretty toxic so you do have to be careful.”

23. Wow.


Middle east, random food stand, dude obviously didn’t speak English.

Food tasted decent, but afterward the translator came back and said we shouldn’t get food without him because there was a high chance of it being camel in that area.

And he said camel carries a certain disease that humans can catch.”

24. Pure agony.

“A Carolina Reaper.

I’m not sure if it’s actually dangerous, but I can think of nothing else that made me eat ice cream in agony like that.

I think I saw God…”

25. Gross.

“A pound of rotten bacon.

Backstory: I was broke as hell, could barely afford liquor, much less food. Somehow I had money to buy a pound of bacon, a treat I had not had in a while. I got called in to work, and then had a whole series of thing pop up preventing me from coming back home.

I get back and find that bacon, decide to cook some and as soon as I open it I see it is green, and smells horrible. F**k if I’m going to let that stop me. I cook it and it actually smells like bacon…..and death. I take a bite and gag on the smell, but there is still some underlying bacon taste there. I soldier on, and for some reason continued until I had eaten the entire pound.

Oddly i suffered no ill effects. I think my youth, preexisting chronic diarrhea, and the soul crushing volumes of antibacterial clear liquids I consumed probably helped prevent anything toxic(besides me) from surviving the event.”

How about you?

What’s the most dangerous food you’ve ever eaten?

Let us know in the comments!