Sometimes in life, someone will do something for you that really touches you in a special way and they don’t even realize it.

In fact, you’ve probably done things like this many times in your life and really made someone’s day and you never even knew.

What’s the most selfless thing someone did for you that they are unaware of?

Take a look at these stories from folks on AskReddit.

1. Car wreck.

“I was driving and hit another car.

He was stopped to turn and I simply wasn’t paying attention. I rear-ended his car at about 30 miles per hour. Set off my cars air bags. I managed to pull over to the side, he completed his turn. I was in shock and blundered right into the highway.

He ran out, pulled me to safety and as I’m sobbing and apologizing, he just gave me a big hug and kept telling it’s ok, we’re ok, cars can be fixed. He was so sweet and calm when I was a complete mess.

Found out from my co-worker a week later, the gentlemen I hit had lost his wife to cancer the week before.


2. There’s another way.

“When I was in grade 3 my teacher invited me to have dinner with her and her family. My family life was not good.

I never had a dad. My mom is an alcoholic (She has been sober now for 30 years). I did not know what a normal family was like until that dinner and night at her house. It was just so calm and stable.

I remembered that day like it was yesterday. It was almost 40 years ago. It made me realize that there was another way to exist.”

3. Compassion and understanding.

“My daughter has a progressive neurological issue that is slowly taking away her right side. A few years ago, when she was 12 and could still ride a bike, we were riding to a place to watch fireworks on the 4th of July.

She was struggling to ride and was somewhat unsteady and couldn’t make quick moves. We weren’t riding far. As she was riding by a new Mini Cooper, she was struggling to keep her bike straight and her handle bar hit the side view mirror of the guys Mini. He was in the car and and just smiled and waved us on saying everything was fine.

I think he had a sense that my daughter had to work extra hard to ride her bike. After we moved out of the way, I went to thank the guy but he drove off. I know she broke the glass on his mirror, I heard it. I’ll never forget the guys face and how compassionate and understanding he was.”

4. A nice gesture.

“I have a genetic condition that makes me look rather awful. People are often uncomfortable around me. I get it, totally – but still, it hurts.

One night, I was a church activity, and they told everyone that they could go target shooting (I know….weird). That’s not my thing, and so I just stayed by the campfire. After everyone left, a girl stayed there with me and just talked.

As we were talking, a few bugs came and landed on my face, and she brushed them away – like it was the most normal thing in the world. People never touch me at all – or at least not without fear.

I know that is not really doing much – but I think that she must have gone through a lot in her life – in order to be around someone like me, and not be afraid.

It’s been years since that happened, and I still get that ache in the throat just thinking about it.”

5. Still think about it.

“I was severely depressed at that time and I was sitting outside in the veranda on a bench when my 4 year old cousin came and stood on the bench and just hugged me.

I asked her what are you doing and she replied, “maya korchi” which means “showing you love”.

I still think about it when I am feeling down.

6. Tea time.

“I’m a nurse in a public hospital and every day, no matter how s**t my shift is going, I look forward to my morning tea.

This consists of a banana and a very strong coffee. Simple, but a puts the spring in my step. Anyway one morning I LOST my banana. Could not find it. I was having a rough morning and really needed my banana. Anyway I just got on with it and went on with my day, albeit a little bit sulky haha.

About 20 minutes later an orderly comes up to me holding a banana he had gone all the way to another floors kitchen to get for me. He was like “I heard you lost your banana, I know you needed that. Go have a break, eat this and I’ll listen out for your call bells.”

This was over two years ago and probably seems so small, but I still think about this and it makes me so fuzzy to know the compassion and kindness of the people I work with. What a legend.”

7. Almost homeless.

“My ex’s mother took me in for a few months and refused to accept any money from me. My ex didn’t tell her how bad my situation was.

If she hadn’t taken me in I would literally have been homeless. I had already asked about emergency housing at the local council offices and had gone to the homeless shelter. Neither could help me.

All because my mother went back on her word and said I could move in with her if I couldn’t pay rent that month on the house she owned when I was temporarily unemployed.”

8. You can see again.

“An organ donor saved the sight in my left eye when I was 20. The law in Australia prevents me from ever knowing who the donor was but I hope their family knows how grateful I am and are proud of them.

When I talk to people about organ donation, a significant proportion of people tell me that they leave corneas unticked so they won’t be donated. I will always tell the story of my donor and how much it meant to me.

No it didn’t save my life, but as an artist in a visual medium, I owe my career and success to someone I never knew.”

9. Never saw them again.

“I was having a really bad depressive episode and this man and their dog were walking down the street. I was waiting for my food and considering just walking saying f**k it and walking down to one of the bridges on the river.

The mans dog was walking with her leash dragging on the floor, and she came up to me and sat down on my feet and looked up at me and refused to move for about 5 minutes.

I don’t know if the man realized I needed this or what, but he didn’t say or do anything as I stood there crying and petting his dog.

When the dog decided she was done, she got up and they walked off and I never saw them again.”

10. Thank you.

“When I was 20 I had to have major surgery and was facing a life with a chronic illness.

When I was home recovering a friend came by and put me in her car and took me on a random drive down to the beach and just all over. It was so relaxing and healing for my mind.

I’m a grandparent now and have had challenges but have been fine and I’ll never forget what she did. Thank you Marie.”

11. Lunch money.

“While I was in college, I couldn’t afford groceries most of the time so a few of my friends would buy me lunch with their dorm meal cards.

I’m not close with any of them anymore but I still think about what they did for me a lot.”

12. Doing your best.

“I was on welfare in my early 20s and one worker would take time out of her day to listen to me and do everything she could to help me out.

She was only supposed to have about 15 minutes with me but she’d regularly stay with me for like 45 minutes. She helped me so much just by believing me and treating me like a person who was trying their best.”

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