People never cease to blow my mind…

Don’t get me wrong, I believe there are plenty of wonderful, caring folks out there, but the amount of rude, crude, and ignorant people we all encounter on a regular basis is kind of alarming.

And manners seem to have fallen by the wayside in society…

AskReddit users talked about what people consider kindness that is really just basic human decency.

Let’s take a look.

1. That was nice.

“I was at a beach in Florida once and this dude with a metal detector found an engagement ring, it had quite the rock on it.

I was checking it out with him when we see a visibly distraught women and her partner searching for something with a cheap metal detector they must have just bought.

We both see her at the same time, make eye contact, and he just goes “well f**k.” She described the ring perfectly and he returned it to her.”

2. Yup.

“Just being polite to people in general.

I’ve worked in the service industry and the education system and it never ceases to amaze me how rude people can be.”

3. Agreed!

“Generally cleaning up after yourself.

We’re at the point where mist industries including schools employ cleaners and this sets such a bad example for young kids.

I’m sure if people were made to clean their own mess from an early age they’d put effort into making less mess.”

4. More of this…

“Picking up their garbage in public and putting it in a trash can.

Legit just not littering.”

5. It’s up to them.

“Letting people choose if they wish to disclose certain information to others or not.

And respecting their decision either way.”

6. One of the basics.

“Being patient with people.

I’m not very good at it, but I’m trying because in my mind that’s How to Human 101.”

7. Mindboggling.

“Doing your godd**n job, so other people don’t have to do their job plus yours.

Yes, Yvette, I am talking to you…”

8. Stay home.

“Letting sick employees take time off, especially in the service industry.

Many times I would show up to work and see someone serving food sick as hell all jacked up on Dayquil but couldn’t take time off because “we were short-staffed”.

9. Sorry about that…

“Apologizing in general.

I know too many folks who are afraid to apologize for something and never do. Contrastly, I know several folks who say sorry way too much when they don’t even need to.

Can we redistribute the apologies away from them to where they’re actually needed?”

10. You can wait.

“Waiting your turn in line.

People can become so aggressive while waiting in line. I always book my appointment at the bank, so I can skip the line and go when it’s my turn.

I got yanked, yelled at, pushed and insulted by people, even when I showed them my appointment receipt.

They get mad at those who get appointments, rather than doing the same.”

11. Blows my mind.

“Being polite to retail and service workers.

No idea how someone could just be openly rude to a complete stranger who’s just doing their job but it’s tragically common.”

12. Hmmmm…

“Apologizing when you bump into someone on the street.

When I first moved to Sydney, Australia I’d turn around to apologize and people have just walked off.”

13. Where we’re at…

“Picking up after yourself.

I pick up trash when I go for hikes and people look at me like I’m weird.”

14. Yes!

“Being respectful to people who are service workers (retail/food).

You should be calm and respectful to a waiter after a mistake for example.

It’s basic human decency.”

15. Good Lord.

“Being responsible for the kids you chose to create.

Every time I hear about parents telling their kids they owe them for doing the bare minimum of keeping them alive my blood boils. Children don’t choose to be born, adults choose to have and/or keep them, and they deserve more than sustenance and a roof.

I met a girl in rehab whose mom demanded a chunk of her paycheck in repayment for raising her. Any time she wanted money from her daughter she would go off about how ungrateful she was for not taking care of her mom.”

16. It’s not hard, people.

“Returning a shopping cart.

I recently watched a family leave a Dollar General with a shopping cart and walk it to their house down the street.

I had to drive past their house to get home and they had 3 carts on their front yard.”

17. Is that so hard?

“When I used to use social media apps or apps to meet people for casual chats. Treating women like normal human beings.

The amount of time they would say that they liked talking to me because I wouldn’t send d**k pics and stuff like that.”

18. Gotta stand up.

“Defending someone getting bullied. Especially if they have disabilities.

Something everyone should do but sometimes let it happen.”

19. Common courtesy.

“Helping open the doors, help someone pick something up that they dropped (no matter if they’re old or not), offering someone a place in line.

Sometimes being a decent person helps and I’d rather be a good person than a selfish a**hole and also being polite to anyone in retail or food.

I work in the food industry and I know how it goes and I extend my respect to them as well, especially cashiers that are good people.”

20. Right?!?!

“Saying “thank you” to anyone who has done a service for me.

A bus driver or a barber or a doctor, etc.”

21. Give it back!

“Returning the money you saw a stranger drop.

Once saw a lady drop $100 (local currency) of her back pocket and she didn’t even noticed it.

I picked it up and returned it to her.”

22. Gross.

“Cleaning up after yourself after eating at a fast food place.

Don’t leave your bags and trash scattered all over the table.”

23. Here to help.

“Talking and encouraging your friend when they’re depressed.

Who the f**k doesn’t do that?”

24. Imagine that…

“Not freaking out at people and calmly talking issues out like adults.

At work I have a co-worker who was once seen as popular with co-workers and is still well liked by some, but things changed when I started working there. She h**es my guts and I noticed she flips her lid at the slightest inconvenience.

Someone from another crew return borrowed tools that are now dirty? Cue weeks and weeks of b**ching to anyone who will listen about how incompetent they are. Someone starts a project she thinks is a waste of time? She will either go out of her way to avoid doing work or b**ch about it during the whole project.

Not long after I started co-workers would come to me asking to borrow things or work on projects because it turns out I’m more patient and understanding. If someone returns dirty tools I just ask them to not do that again, or to remember to return them once done.

People find me easier to talk to and it pi**es her off that co-workers don’t h**e me like she does. She’s tried b**ching about me to others who have come back telling me they wouldn’t engage with her and another saying she yelled back and told her to calm down and shut up.

Perhaps this is more of me venting, but my point is that it’s crazy that talking things out and being reasonable is seen as kindness or something extraordinary.”

25. Wish more people did this.

“Letting someone in your lane.

I get it if some a**hole is trying to cut you off. Or even skips like 50% of traffic.

But if it’s something like trying to get over to an exit, let them in. It’s a lane, not a birthright.”

26. Come on, dads.

“A dad being a dad to their child.

“How kind of your husband to watch your child while you run errands!”

Yeah, he’s a great guy, but he’s my child’s father…

Why wouldn’t he take care of our kid??”

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