Do you have a cat (or maybe multiple cats) in your home?

If you do, then you know the drill…they act crazy, get into all kinds of mischief, terrorize us and the other animals in the house, and what do we do about it…?

We let them walk all over us and we still show them lots of love because they’re part of the family…whether we like it or not, sometimes.

But, as we all know, underneath all that wildness is the same cat you fell in love with for the very first time…so you let it all go and love them unconditionally.

Are you ready to see some nice and wholesome kitty posts? Let’s take a look!

1. Opposites attract.

Well, this sure is cute.

I love moo
byu/huangqiuhan incats

2. Congratulations! Keep up the good work!

And take good care of your best buddy.

Cake day update: hit 28 months sober today, got extra snugs from my best bud.
byu/tdangere inaww

3. They all did the right thing.

Come on! You would do this, too!

People prefer to stand instead of removing the stray cat
byu/Lindsenn inaww

4. Just stopping by to say hello.

I can barely take it!

This cat climbs the tree every day to say hi to the house cat
byu/9999monkeys inaww

5. That’s a HUGE kitty.

And he looks very comfortable.

When you want a Golden Retriever but are only allowed to get a cat
by inaww

6. Not a bad way to start the year.

You’re stuck with this one.

This is how I’m starting my year I guess
byu/somuchpizza inaww


Freakin’ adorable.

This cat has a plush of itself
by inaww

8. Everybody, get on the steps.

It’s picture time!

Even smol cats get a step
byu/9999monkeys inaww

9. The only spot for him.

Just go with it!

When I move him he complains until he’s in the same spot again
byu/Blue_Flame_Infernape inaww

10. We’re glad you’re home!

He looks happy to be back.

My cat returned after 7 months of searching. My second cat found and brought him.
byu/ElenaVlk inaww

11. Now they’re inseperable.

How cute!

Ladies and gents, I present my husband who did not want a cat
byu/gundam2017 inaww

12. Bosom buddies.

They love the car!

Best picture I could ever hope to get of these two….
byu/healrum inaww

Do you share your life with any kitties?

Well, don’t keep them all to yourself!

Tell us about them in the comments and share some photos with us.

We can’t wait to meet them. Thanks!