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Bad news.

“Corporate lobbying.

As long as US government officials are incentivized to favor the interests of the wealthy few, the rest of america will remain prisoner under a corporate oligarchy wearing democracy as a mask. This is what the world becomes when the rights to the vital resources necessary for life are owned by for-profit industries following the economic policy of a cancer cell.

All mainstream american media is biased towards corporate interests and as a result a “culture war” between democrats and republicans has been manufactured to create divide and prevent the working class from organizing. Greed is not impeded by party lines.

Both parties serve the wealthy first and the workers never until money and individual greed are fully divorced from politics.”


“24 hour news channels.

Legit the most exhaustingly negative s**t I’ve ever seen.

Taking a news piece that can be read in 2 minutes, but somehow stretching it out for hours with no new information.”

That’s rough.


I’m a cancer survivor and I found out in the last 48 hours that my dad and wife have just been diagnosed.

Fun times.”


“Animal poachers.

Scum of the earth, and all the people who keep them in business.”

Live and let live.

“The concept of “my god is better than yours”.

F**k it, let people have their faith and stop forcing your own faith on others.”


“Corruption. Just imagine how many problems could be solved if politicians actually cared about their constituents

I live in South Africa, and for those that don’t know, it seems as though a new corruption scandal is discovered everyday, from Covid-19 fund misappropriation, to splurging funds on suspicious businesses with no formal address.

Just recently, our former president, Jacob Zuma, was sentenced to 14 (?) months in prison for not showing up to his corruption trials.”



And I don’t just mean the modern type of social media influencer, I mean any person or organisation that puts out a message that implies that because you don’t own a certain unnecessary item or do a certain unnecessary thing then you are in some way deficient.

All they do is cause people who would overwise be happy with their lot in life to think that they are being left behind or that they have to aspire to reach a level in life they don’t need to. It’s all very unhealthy.

Let’s be honest the concept of an influencer is hardly new. These days you have people on TikTok or Instagram telling you what you should think, but then look back at the ’80s and earlier when the Sunday supplement magazine with your newspaper would tell you you need to have this type of fitted kitchen or you need to wear this type of clothing or you’ll be considered old-fashioned.

They’ve been around forever, the internet is just anothet new (and easier) medium for them.”



Mosquitos feed thousands of species of wildlife and their extinction would cause ecological collapse.

The only thing that feeds on bedbugs are cockroaches and they’d do just fine without them.”

Scary stuff.

“Religious fanaticism.

I’ll concede that religious teachings can bring peace to someone’s life, but it stops at THEIR life.

Keep your religion the fuck away from everyone else who does not subscribe to your newsletter, and f**k right off with condemning anyone who does not agree with it.”

Big business.

“Corporate personhood.

A business can’t go to prison, it can’t die a mortal death like you or I, and it is not an individual that can be made to atone for its wrongdoings. A corporation does not suffer, and does not scream in agony or terror when its existence is threatened.

The fact that companies are held in equal regard to people spells out disaster for living, breathing, mortal human beings that are capable of suffering.”

Not a bad idea.


Once your personal worth hits 999 million, you get a big trophy that says “I won Capitalism” and then every penny more that you earn goes directly into welfare programs for the underprivileged.”

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