Some people just lie when they don’t even need to

About really silly things that have no significance whatsoever…

But, as the saying goes, people are strange.

Really strange, in fact!

And these AskReddit users were nice enough to share the dumbest lies they’ve ever heard from people.

Take a look!

A tall tale.

“My sister said her real parents got fat when they ate chicken and then she went to live with a dragon who told her not to eat chicken and then sent her to live with us.

This was all because our parents had made her a chicken sandwich.”


“I can’t take you to the l**bian bar I went to.

A guy went there last night. When the women found him, they beat him with beer bottles until he d**d.

Then they threw him in a dumpster. But he wasn’t d**d. He was so pi**ed that he burned the joint down. It was in the paper this morning.””

That’s a lie!

“A guy showed me his bad anime drawings when we were in high school.

I told him they looked OK (I was being polite) but he took offense and told me that they actually won him an Emmy.”

An expert.

“There was this dude in my college dorm who was a compulsive liar, but he was BAD at it. Here are a few…

He was so good at karate his parents sent him to Japan to finish his training

He was a bouncer at a strip club (he was 18 btw) and once threw a throwing star at a guy who was harassing a stripper and hit him in the ear

He once went skydiving, but he didn’t tell his parents, he just told them to look over the house at 5 o’clock

This one is my favorite… he lived not far from me, so I caught a ride from him back home for spring break. We went to his house and were going to meet my dad at the mall after he got off work. This kid kept telling me about how he owned a ’72 Corvette, and when we got to his house there actually was a fucking mint ’72 Corvette in the garage. CLEARLY his dad’s.

But since he said it was his, I said we should drive it to the mall later to drop me off. He made all kinds of excuses, it needed repairs, oil, gas, whatever. But I didn’t let up. So when it came time to take me to the mall, this 18 year old dingus drove his dad’s cherry f**king ’72 Corvette, and I got to ride in his lie. I hope he got in trouble and maybe learned a lesson that day.”

Hell yeah!

“In middle school, a kid once claimed his grandfather was in charge of NASA and the kid would be one of the first to get a private passenger ride on the shuttle.”

No, thanks.

“Every CEO of every company she had ever worked for her had begged her to step in and be their right hand person.

She didn’t want the added stress, though.”

That doesn’t sound right.

“I took my new GF to meet my dad a few months ago. He told us that he used to make cartoons (which, to my knowledge, is not true).

He described one in detail which I recognised as the original Simon’s Cat cartoon. When I showed him, he said it was his, and when I showed him there has been an entire series made over the last decade, he doubled down saying his idea had been plagiarised.

Very strange.”

Get over it.

“That the 2020 election was stolen.

My white middle aged dad who works for a manufacturing company in rural Wisconsin pulled the “I don’t know anyone who voted for Biden” excuse.

He knows like 10 people and they’re literally all his exact demographic.”

I’d watch that movie.

“I met a guy in college who was telling an entire room how he used to be a martial arts master until he ki**ed his best friend in a tournament and gave up the martial arts forever.

Definitely sounds like a B movie plot.”

Is it working yet?

“If we don’t tax the rich, the money they save will ‘trickle down’!

40 years of Reaganomics has destroyed the middle class and will ultimately probably destroy democracy.”

What’s your story like this?

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