It can be hard to focus on the good stuff when things get difficult in life.

But, no matter how many things seem to be stacked up against you, you gotta focus on the stuff that makes you happy and that brings you joy.

AskReddit users talked about what makes their lives worth living.

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. Support system.

“A friend of mine is super depressed.

He wanted to kill himself and I keep him happy.

Even if I’m depressed as well, we support each other.”

2. Kind of depressing.

“My parents.

They are my only reason for living on and I work and earn to provide them with the kind of life they deserve but were deprived of in their childhood.

Once they’re gone there’ll be nothing left for me.”

3. Little things.

“All the little things.

I’ve learned through the pandemic I like having an indoor garden. I like watering and misting the plants, checking them for pests, and making sure they get enough light. Then over time you see your work pay off as they slowly grow.

You look at a before and after picture of a few months and its crazy how much that plant has grown.

I think we need to treat ourselves like gardens. Try to enjoy all the little activites you do to make yourself better knowing one day in the future youll go “oh wow ive grown a ton.”

It can be hard to find purpose in life. Id argue the purpose of life is to find your own purpose.

Plus its either this or death so i might as well give it a shot.”

4. Good for you!

“Myself. I am worth it.

Worthy of my desires and dreams. I want to see myself grow and overcome and achieve.

Life is beautiful, and I want to see how mine unfolds, so I keep on keeping on.”

5. Should be interesting.

“I keep living because the alternative would make my wife sad, and I’d miss all the cool stuff that’s going to be happening in the next 30-40 years.

If thing keep going at this pace, the next century is going to be WILD, and I kinda want to see it.”

6. True love.

“I live for one reason, and one reason alone, and that is to keep the woman I love alive.

She doesn’t have any physical illness, but she’s very suicidal and I have to tell her I love her every single day, and give her a lot of affection, or I’m afraid that I’ll lose her.”

7. Don’t take it for granted.

“The fact that humans are beautiful, experiencing new things, meeting new people and learning about the way the world works.

Animals and nature, that there are so many incredible things to experience here on Earth. Art. The light in the eyes of a child who is learning or seeing something for the first time. The smell of rain. The sound of a cat purring.

The warm feeling you get when you see an old couple who have been together for 70+ years. The list goes on and on. I love living and I’m so glad I’m still here, I had depression and suicidal ideology as a teen. I never take life for granted now.”

8. That’s it.

“When I pick my baby up he wraps his little arms around my neck and rests his head on my chest.

That’s it.

That’s the most positive, happy thing in my life that keeps me going right now.”

9. Good things in the future.

” ‘m enjoying life right now.

Though every few week I get an existential crisis, I guess this is normal for college students.

Also, there are so many awesome things awaiting you in life that make life worth living.”

10. Worth it.

“My cat.

She is so beautiful and innocent and pure and just the best cat anyone could hope for. If it weren’t for her, this last year would have been so dark.

I owe her the best life a cat can have, and she doesn’t even know what she’s done for me.”

11. Family first.

“Definitely my family.

I am always around people who are in toxic relationships with their families, but my family inspires me and I don’t know what I would do without them.

They are all amazing people and my parents tought me to be a great person and I am forever in debt to them.”

12. Not corny at all.

“This is going to sound corny, but living my life for all my friends and co-workers in the military, who arent here any longer.

I went through a bad bout of depression, alcoholism, internet addiction, p*rn addiction, s*x addiction, while slowly killing myself before and right after the military.

Took me 3 years after getting out, to realize that the thoughts of suicide were more than just selfish….they were morally wrong, when looking at the lives my friends could of had, had they still of been here.

Raising a family, going to school, running a business, traveling the world…They all had dreams and hopes stuff they wanted to accomplish but cant now. And here I sit, crying woe is me, when I have a chance they no longer have.

So, not to insult them, I try to live a good life. One where I give when I can, never ask for too much, but live in earnest for their sake.”

13. Goal-oriented.

“Ambitious plans for the future.

I wish to one day become someone of importance. Someone who’s a leader. Someone who could entertain others. Someone of significance rather than another face in the crowd.

And that’s what keeps me going. Cause I want to make those dreams come true.”

How about you?

What do YOU enjoy most about your life?

And what makes it worth living?

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