Life can be really hard sometimes.

And every once in a while, it gets so overwhelming that you throw up your hands and say, “what’s the point of all this?”

But in those moments it’s important to remember the good things that really do make this whole crazy experience worthwhile.

So what makes your life worth living?

Here’s how AskReddit users responded.

1. Good stuff.

“My animals, my community, my garden.

Challenging myself and achieving my goals. Chance meetings with strangers that make your day. Exploring new places.

Bare feet on green grass. Solitude. Warm breezes in the countryside. Running. Love. Sharing.”

2. DnD.

“Dungeons and Dragons.

I had come out of a really bad phase and found no joy in anything I did. Then a few friends introduced me to dungeons and dragons. I’ve always had a nudge for writing too, so I found great interest in the role of the dungeon master.

For some people it might sound kinda dumb, and it’s understandable. But my life would be much more monotonous and uninteresting if it wasn’t for those game Sundays…”

3. Family.

“The family I found.

My husband, my son (step but still my baby,) and our 3 dogs.

I’m glad I stuck around long enough to meet them, and I keep going every day for them.”

4. Being creative.

“For me, it’s being creative.

I feel enlivened and buzzing creating stuff. It’s also important to keep wondering and learning about things.

Keeping your childlike appetite for answers makes sure you don’t stagnate and ensures you remain open-minded and non-dismissive.”

5. Existence.

“I have no faith or belief system at all, can’t bring myself to even come close to accepting that kind of thing.

But ultimately when I think about how lucky I am to exist in the first place, coupled with the likelihood of nothingness after death, I always find existing preferable to not existing, no matter how bad things get.

I also have a very cuddly cat, which helps.”

6. All kinds of stuff.

“My boyfriend who I’m just moving in with and so excited for.

My best friend who is isolating to come see our new place soon, and my mum who has been my rock throughout this entire sh*tshow of a year and a bit and has been amazing as I move out.

These 3 are my motivation and strength right now.”

7. Community.

“My community.

I grew up in a household where I wasn’t really wanted by my parents. But certain people around me recognized my situation and were a positive influence on me.

I was blessed with immense physical size and strength, and now I’m a firefighter and EMT.

I chose to do this because I felt it was the best way for me to give back to the people who helped me so much as a child and young adult.”

8. Man’s best friend.

“My dog, she’s so sweet and loving.

Every time I look into her eyes I feel loved. Also, the chance to make a difference for someone who may be struggling with a smile and a kind word.

I want people to feel important, because they are.”

9. There you go!

“S*x, weed, good food, good video games, good shows, good movies, good books.”

10. A reason to wake up.

“My 2 year old daughter.

She is my reason to wake up every morning. She is the most hilarious, intelligent, kindest kid I have ever come across and I’m so lucky that she’s mine. I’ve been a nanny, a babysitter, a cousin and an aunt. I’ve known hundreds of kids.

I don’t just feel this way because she’s mine.”

11. Let’s make a plan.

“At the moment, it’s this girl I recently fell in love with.

I can’t be with her because she’s trapped in an abusive relationship she has to get out of.

So right now, my only motivation is helping her escape this psycho.”

12. Helping people out.

“That my job has an effect on people in a meaningful capacity. That when I leave work, most of the time it’s for the better.

I taught a kid who had never spoken in years, how to communicate with sign language and a communication app. Once that happened, tantrums where down like, appropriate for their age. Making everyone’s life easier. I did accidentally teach them the sign for prost*tute but that’s beside the point. And my neices and nephews.

Their Dad is hot garbage, doesn’t like working and stuff. I continue working and doing well so they see people going to work everyday, cause that is what you do.

And I taught them college or some sort of schooling is required for working. I also live for the next big video game release.”

13. A good reason.

“My animals, especially my pony.

He was my 21st birthday present to myself for getting through all the sh*t life had thrown at me up until that point and he’s the best thing in my life. Then there’s my collie and before her my lurcher.

I have neither the temperament nor conformation for putting youngstock on the ground, so I treat my dogs like my kids (without all the stupid anthropomorphic rubbish that statement usually implies) so she has to have manners but she gets to sleep on my bed or on the sofa beside me.

My cat has only just started being affectionate towards me in the past year or so, after 15 years of meh so she’d be unhappy if I wasn’t around any more.

The vegans (rabbits and guinea pigs) probably wouldn’t notice if someone who wasn’t me fed them and the fish just do their own thing but I like taking care of them.”

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