We all make mistakes at our jobs from time to time, but most are quickly forgotten.

The big ones though? The ones that leave a scar on your brain? Those are the ones you’ll be talking about for years.

Or in this case, sharing with strangers on Twitter.

What are some other big blunders worth spreading? Let’s find out.

15. Good lord

Careful, he might just sue the pants off you.

14. Red alert

Must have looked like the aftermath of a Tarantino flick in there.

13. Type O

Why would that be so…ah.

12. The baby barrister

(It’s healthcare for the terminally ill.)

11. The legend

Oh the chaos.

10. Slate heavy, arms weak

A lot of red wine disasters in this thread.

9. Nightmare

Um, I sure hope the other waiter was also fired?

8. A knock out

Don’t put metal in the science oven.

7. [Redacted]

And then when the balance sheet is off at the end of the day, guess who looks like a thief.

6. Broadcast news

WTF was on that stick?

5. Hide away

I can’t say you didn’t have this coming.

4. How grand

She’s nicer than me, I would demanded to keep it.

3. Merry Christmas!

Hope you like angry phone calls as gifts.

2. Social Listening Tools


1. The grueling tour


Man. Makes me glad the worst I can mess up with this job is seplling thngis worgn.

What’s your big work mistake?

Tell us in the comments.