They say that if you’re going to get into investing, you should never put in more than you’re willing to lose. Same goes for sensible gambling practices, since the two things are kind of two sides of a coin.

But honestly, it should go for pretty much anything you buy online too. Because some things are just worth nothing, no matter how much you spent on them.

What’s the most useless thing you’ve ever bought?
byu/EmploymentLonely2142 inAskReddit

Let the buyer’s remorse of Reddit be a warning to us all.

1. Tiny ice trays

I bought these ice trays on Amazon that make tiny ice cubes.

The only way I’ve been able to get the ice out is to slightly melt it, but since the cubes are so small, there’s basically nothing left.

– PhantasmHS

2. The periodic table

Bought a periodic table which had all the elements inside…. Except it didn’t, it just had a super low resolution print of the elements onto an acrylic block.

When I asked for my money back for false advertising they wanted me to send it back to China within 5 days. Think it’s in a drawer somewhere.

– Mikey3DD

3. Cat beds

For my cat, an expensive and luxurious bed. When I brought it home, the little f**ker smelt it, sat on it for a few seconds, and then never used it again.

Instead of sleeping in his nice and cozy bed, he prefers to sleep on the hardwood floor…

– Amazing_Researcher37

4. Robot litter box

I had this for my cat. Little f**ker figured out that he was making the noise. Even though it had a delayed action to specifically keep cats from associating the noise with the action.

It was his preferred way to wake me up on the weekends.

You can ignore one chunk, chunk, whiiiir, sift, plop.

It is impossible to ignore five in a row.

– Vanviator

5. Random crap

I have an issue with money spending compulsions (a lot due to growing up poor) I have bought many random things I’ve never used or wondered why I bought them. The one that takes the cake is a pair of chicken decorations that cost me 60 dollars. I saw them and had the money so I bought them.

They were literal polystyrene with feathers glued on them and I was halfway home when I realised I didn’t want them. Tried to return them but could only get store credit, so ended up keeping them lol.

– DORIMEalbedo

6. Ford Expedition

Bought that monster because I imagined how cool it would be have for road trips and vacations and nights out when everyone could ride together.

Did two group trips in it….the rest of the time I suffered through 16 MPG and high payments for no reason. LPT KIDS: they rent SUVs.

– bluecheetos

7. Woot.com

Just about every woot.com purchase (maybe 10). This was in the late ‘00s.

I even got a bag of crap, which totally lived up to it’s name.

The t-shirts were ok, though they’ve mostly disintegrated by now.

– RudyNigel

8. Food (no really)

Every single week I buy some food that I fully intend to cook with.

But the next week rolls around and I have to throw out some produce that’s going gross.

So yeah, I pretty much make a lot of useless purchases.

– APartyInMyPants

9. A bike

When I was 14, I had a crush on this girl a year older than me.

She hung out with the punk crowd and once mentioned that she loved guys who did BMX.

I sold a bunch of my games to buy a sh**ty Mongoose bike for like $100 so that I could impress her.

I went to the skate park to try it out.

Everyone laughed at me and then I fell and hit my shin.

I left and never picked up the bike again.

– irrelevant_usernam3

10. A spiralizer

That’s a kitchen gadget to cut vegetables like carrots or courgettes into long curly pieces… But let me tell you: Vegetable “pasta” is no fun.


Gimme my carbs and keep the salad s**t.

– Skope1984

11. YouTube

When I was young, and youtube was new. I wanted to be a youtube star. So I made videos. I did well, and got some money, spent like 1k to boost my channel, and get s**t tons of views. I signed with machinima thanking “I made it!” A month later mostly all my money I made was taken by them ( 60/40 split) and they kept no promises of building my channel.

I was signed up for 2 years, and required to meet goals to keep my contact. I got sick and for 3 months didn’t make anything. So machinima claimed all my videos, and dumped my channel.

I can go back now to some old videos of machinima using my video as a fake gamer girls preteens to play over my videos, and making millions of views off my work.

Never made a video again and had over 5k to 8k of gear in my room just for video making.

– freepain1059

12. Projector screen

A cheap projector screen from Amazon… turned out it was literally just a white sheet with no reflective capability over and above regular cloth, and tons of folds.

Never been used.

– ripnetuk

13. D&D stuff

Pewter gaming dice and a small leather pouch for D&D.

It was immediately useless because my original D&D group ghosted me when I came out of the closet a few weeks later so the dice remained unused for years.

When I found a new group, the DM initially refused to let me use them because they nicked up her new wooden table and were really loud when then rolled.

Eventually we started gaming elsewhere on a plastic table, which is where I found out that pewter is a soft metal so the dice became slightly deformed and turned into weighted dice- with the low numbers coming up significantly more than average.

I think the dice are sitting at the bottom of a moving box somewhere because I refuse to get rid of them since they cost $45.

– BW_Bird

14. An alarm clock

My friend tried making an art project for his robotics class that was a really curse alarm clock 3D printed to look like a child. When it went off, it let out this ungodly screech and flailed it’s limbs around randomly banging the surface beneath it. The only way to shut it off again was to throw it super hard against a wall so it’s limbs all disconnected.

When he graduated he didn’t want to keep it around because he was afraid his toddler would eat the parts, so I gave him five bucks for it and brought it home. I used it like twice and then never again. It’s at my mom’s house now somewhere

– G4rg0yle_Art1st

15. Cactus

A cactus, stabbed the s**t out of my hand, so bad I had to use a dissection kit to remove all the spines (which didn’t just stab me they detached from the cactus and got stuck to my skin),

Then the useless f**ker rotted and dies next week,

Not only was it useless, it was actively harmful

– supersoft-tire

Buyer beware.

What’s the most useless thing you own?

Tell us in the comments.