Jimmy Fallon took to the internet to ask everyone one specific question: what was your worst car?

I think my answer would probably be the Ford Probe I had as a teenager. Don’t even remember what year it was. It was a stick shift that didn’t handle so great, and the AC had broken years ago. If it was hot outside, my choices were to either keep the windows up and show up to wherever I was going drenched in sweat, or roll the windows down and show up absolutely windswept. Or, most often, some combination of both.

But what are so other stories of vehicular horror? Let’s see what Twitter had on offer.

10. The Baja Bug

I’m not sure that even actually counts as a car to be honest with you.

9. The Ford Temp

Hey, it was just trying to keep time.

8. The Lada

In Soviet Russia, car draws you.

7. The Datsun

As in “Dang, where’d you get dat, son?”

6. The Icemobile

I sure hope you were spouting Mr. Freeze lines the entire time.

5. The Renault LeCar

I’m sorry, were you just driving backward down highways like a lunatic?

4. The AMC Hornet

Ok that’s one of the most dangerous things I’ve ever heard.

3. The Runt

It’s kinda cute tho?

2. The Toyota Station Wagon

That sounds super secure.

1. The Alarmist

Guess that’s how you always beat the traffic, huh?

Glad those days are behind us, eh?

What’s the worst car you ever had?

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