A husband presented his wife with a series of motivational messages to boost her spirit during two-day labor. It was probably intended to be cute and romantic — but people on Twitter are roasting the heck out of it.

ABC News posted the viral video to Twitter along with a quote from the husband’s motivational messages: “You are my best friend, soulmate, and in just a few pushes, you’ll be the most amazing mother our daughter could ever ask for.”

Most people had a “WTF” reaction. And to be fair, there’s A LOT going on here. Why did the husband feel the need to write all of this stuff on flashcards, anyway? Rather than, say, saying it out loud and then actively helping his wife go through the most difficult experience in the world?

“Alternate tweet: Wife endures grueling two-day labor to birth couple’s daughter while husband displays flashcards,” one Twitter user replied.


Fellow moms are especially pissed by the video.

“Not sure about any moms out there, but if my husband tried to make me read during active labor he’d had been in a headlock with his nuts in his throat,” one woman wrote.

“I gave birth at home and asked my husband to leave the room because he was ‘touching the bath water too hard.’ This guy can go f*ck himself,” another said.

The video also gives off the impression that the man was looking for attention by making a cute viral video. Other users wrote: “I feel hate in my heart for this man” and “This is grounds for divorce.”

Maybe this wife did yell at her husband after this slightly narcissistic display of affection? Or maybe she actually appreciated the gesture.

We’ll never know!