I love movies for kids!

So many of them are so well-made and have such deep themes and topics that they can be enjoyed by kids and adults at the same time!

And that’s when you know that a production team has pulled off something really special.

Take a look at these recommendations from AskReddit users.

Did you see it?


I was so surprised how good that movie was.

The marketing was all just so Creamworks-y and the posters were every character making extreme Dreamworks face. I was ready for it to be like superhero-themed shark tale or something.

It was soooooo good though!”

It flopped, but…

“Treasure Planet.

Such an amazing movie with a unique concept and it’s still hard to believe that this movie was Disney’s biggest flop.”

Get your groove on.

“The Emperor’s New Groove.

My appendix burst during my very first week of college and I was in the hospital for a little bit. The first night after my surgery, I found myself wide awake in the middle of the night with only a little tv to keep me entertained (this was 2004, before streaming services or smartphones). P

retty much nothing but infomercials were playing at that late hour, but then I stumbled upon that movie having just started on the Disney Channel. After gleefully watching it, I remember thinking “man, I wish I could watch that again right now”… and just then the tv announcer said “Up next, an encore presentation of The Emperor’s New Groove!”

It was the absolute best night of a bad week.”

A classic.


The first half has engrossing storytelling that’s all entirely visual.

No dialogue at all. It’s an absolute masterpiece.”

Good one.

“How to Train Your Dragon.

I bought this while staying with my grandparents for a summer. My grandmother huffed and made it clear that she did NOT want to watch this movie, but was also too stubborn to leave her chair for anything.

By the end of the movie, during the last voice over where Hiccup says “the only upsides are the pets, while other places have ponies or parrots, we have…”, She finished the quote, “Dragons”, smiling and laughing while clapping her hands. One of my favourite memories of my grandmother.”

A big surprise.

“The LEGO Movie.

The movie has a razor sharp critique on many things. The jokes keep coming at you and never stop.

It’s an amazing movie.”

Going back a while.


Watching Hook as an adult is a totally different experience because in many ways, I’d argue, it’s FOR adults.

It’s about the importance of reconnecting with your inner child and how that can allow you to really connect with your own children. And even just to have a more fulfilling life.”

Here are a few.

“Up, The Incredibles, Shrek and Toy Story.

A lot of them had adult jokes that you didn’t understand when you were a kid, but now some of them are hilarious.

Like the hooker in Toy Story didn’t realise she was supposed to be a hooker, haha.”

A favorite.

“The Brave Little Toaster punches way above its weight thematically and in terms of dramatic tension.

One of my all-time faves.”

Animation at its finest.

“Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

You appreciate the cinematography as an adult considering the era in which it was produced.

And the s** jokes.”

Time to surf.

“Surf’s Up.

I heard or read somewhere that most of the lines are ad lib and everything was built around their banter, you can really tell too how genuine their interactions are plus the soundtrack, I can play this movie just so I can hear it going in the background and I love it.”

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