Oh, did I forget to mention that I used to hook up with the guy you’re about to marry?

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But did this woman act like a jerk by not spilling the beans to her cousin about her past?

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AITA for not telling my cousin that her fiancée was my “summer camp fling” for 3 years?

“I grew up very close to my cousin and we’ve stayed close as can be but live in different states. During my summers for several years I went to a month long camp where first year I was camper, next year CIT then counselor.

First year I met “Kenny” and it was instant soul crushing love where he was literally all I thought about for a year. Next year we actually dated (within the confines of being CIT so we were very busy) and third year we actually found a way to essentially live together and talked about coordinating colleges, getting engaged, kids names and all that kind of stuff. We drifted apart but would still text and to be honest I kind of always hope we’d find ourselves back to each other.

I did know that my cousin and Kenny went to the same school and had the same major so I wasn’t surprised when they started dating. As near as I can surmise, I knew about Kenny dating her but he did not know that she was my cousin. So I’ve known about them for about a year but I didn’t want to interrupt her being happy and the opportunity to tell her never came up.

Whole family “met” Kenny over Mother’s Day. I knew he was coming so i tried very hard to stay low key. My mom is so obnoxious that when Kenny arrived she basically screamed “you look just like that little boy that Vivi had plastered all over wall!! Is your name Kenny?” He said yes and he clearly wanted to crawl into a hole, as did I.

We said our hellos and “nice to see you agains” but it was very awkward. Little gathering was fine and I avoided him for the most part. At about 9 the next morning my cousin called me and she was both hung over and drunk and furious at me that I didn’t tell her.

I guess he spilled the beans and told her how serious we were. She feels very betrayed by me that I “allowed her to get so invested” in a guy with whom I had a pregnancy scare (for some reason this really stuck under he skin). I tried to explain but she is having none of it. I tried to call Kenny to see what I can do and it appears he blocked me.

I feel awful that she’s hurt. I made a choice about what to reveal to her but I guess I made the wrong one.


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