I remember I tried to take Biology 101 not once, but twice, in college and about two weeks in BOTH TIMES I realized it seemed like I was taking a foreign language class and I decided to drop them.

I don’t know why I bothered the second time…maybe I’m not too bright…

Anyway, you gotta keep your eyes and ears open when you start a class so you can be aware of the warning signs that you should probably get the hell out of there.

What are some red flags that should make you want to drop a class ASAP?

Here’s what people on AskReddit had to say about this.

1. Nope.

“Assigning an unreasonable amount of classwork because, “you should treat my class like your only class.”

That is the only time I ever dropped a class, and after talking to my classmates who stayed in.

I made the right call.”

2. Biased.

“When the lecturer constantly tries to find ways to plug their ideology when it’s tangentially related, at best.”

3. William who?

“I signed up for a Shakespeare course.

In the first class, the professor talked about himself the entire time and didn’t utter the name Shakespeare once.

I dropped it that night and signed up for Chaucer instead.”

4. Oh, great…

“At the end of the semester, I’ll grade all your work and then you’ll see your grade.”

5. Enough of that!

“In art and design classes, if the teacher focuses more on what you write about your art than developing your skills, they have no clue what they’re talking about.

Unless your work ends up in displays and museums (unlikely) then nobody is going to care about the 3 page essay of bullsh*t you made up about metaphors.

Your teacher is just a pretentious *sshole who doesn’t actually know what they’re doing.”

6. Bored to tears.

“When the teacher is really, really f*cking boring and clearly doesn’t give a sh*t.

It’s hard to learn well if you don’t have a teacher that tries to do their job well. Here, it’s not so much about the lesson, more about a teacher who cannot do their job.

It’s good to know things, but in order to teach them well you need more than that.”

7. A real charmer.

“I had a low level math class as a Freshman in college where the professor said we were “retarded” for not being able to get in to a higher level math course, and that he would learn us real good

. Yeah, I knew I was going to major in History, this was just a gen ed requirement.

Dropped that class after a week.”

8. Okay, I’ll leave.

“I had an intro to chemistry teacher write some equation on the board and say, “if you don’t understand what that means, you should leave this class now.”

I thought for a minute, then grabbed my things and left. On the way out he said, “Wow, no one has every actually left.”

My friend who stayed in the class studied his tail off and got a C. He now has a degree in chemical engineering, and still says that particular chemistry class was one of the hardest he’s ever had.”

9. That’s not good.

“The professor starts making v*gina jokes and professing the moral superiority of a specific race.”

10. That sucks.

“Professors that have a clear bias. I had one that wanted to know everyone’s political affiliations. Who they voted for, if they supported a party, etc. That was the first day.

After that she spent the rest of the semester looking at anyone that didn’t tell her who they voted for that they better vote a certain way. Grades reflected this.

My Bio teacher spent a good portion of lecture on tangents about her personal life, her kid, her business. It was pointless to go but attendance counted. Some questions on her exams included her personal sh*t. It was my final semester so I didn’t give a sh*t at that point.

11. Treat me like an adult.

“If the professor has a policy that you automatically fail if you show up late or miss too many classes.

I’m an adult. Sometime stuff comes up with work or my wife. No college class is that important.

Ironically, the professor with that policy was always showing up late and canceling class.”

12. Cashing in.

“”The book is required. I wrote it. It is spectacularly expensive. I update it a little every year, so a used copy will not be adaquate.”

F*cker is getting paid at both ends.”

Okay, now it’s your turn.

In the comments, tell us about the fastest you ever dropped a class.

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