Fact: little kids are creepy.

I mean, why do you think there are so many movies about children scaring the sh*t out of adults? See what I mean…?

Are you ready to get creeped out with some stories about imaginary friends?

Let’s get weird with some folks on AskReddit.

1. Jack.

“My oldest when she was 4.

She had an imaginary friend named Jack who lived under our back porch. And he liked to shove sticks down people’s throats.

I discouraged playtime with Jack.”

2. Kids are creepy.

“My son was 2-3 and always had a bunch of imaginary friends. The most frequently mentioned were Monkey boy and the cowboy.

When my son was 2 he woke up one night screaming . I ran in his room and he was terrified. He kept pointing at the corner and saying that Monkey boy was bad. I ended up picking my son up and putting him in bed to sleep with me.

The next time he was 3 and we were taking a walk with his younger sister in the stroller. I’m pushing the stroller and he’s walking just behind me. He keeps saying ” owww stop it” or ” please stop! ” I keep looking behind me at him and see nothing. I stop and ask him what’s hurting him.

He says ” the cowboy is hurting me mommy” I tell him that there is no cowboy by us . He says ” yes there is. It’s the cowboy in my head” kids are creepy sometimes.”

3. Don.

“When my daughter was a toddler she randomly started talking about a man named Don. She always described him the same way and didn’t seem scared at all, despite bringing him up every day.

She didn’t go to daycare and we didn’t know anyone named Don. Then one day she got completely freaked out, wouldn’t walk around the house alone in case she ran into Don, wouldn’t sleep in her own room, and would talk about how she hated him because he said “mean words” to her all the time.

About a year into “mean Don” we bought a new house. Once we moved she never spoke of him again.”

4. Wigged out.

“My son stopped talking to his imaginary friend for months after my nephew, who was 15, took his own life.

My son, who was not quite 5, was the apple of his eye. My nephew treated my son like a little brother, and since his mom watched my son while I worked, they spent tons of time together.

I had simply told my son his cousin was sick from sadness and he’d died. I would remind him every time before we went to their house so he wouldn’t pester my sister about where he was. One day he said “Mom, you keep saying he’s not here anymore, but he IS. He sits on my bed before I go to sleep and talks to me.” He would NOT be dissuaded.

This went on for months. He knew things we did not speak about around him that happened. My nephew’s grandpa on his dad’s side passed a few months later. That’s when my son told me his cousin told him he wouldn’t be able to visit anymore. He was going on a train with his grandpa, and they couldn’t come back again.

Last thing he told him was to never play with guns, they weren’t safe. My nephew took his life with a handgun. Wigged me the hell out.”

5. That’s very specific.

“My son had this imaginary friend – Ganga.

She lived in the nearby pond, had duck feet, hair all over her face, ate through a slit in her neck and we were expecting her any minute for dinner.

He was totally chill with this horrific monster idea, yet he had recuring nightmares about a puppy comming into his room. Kids are weird.”

6. You’re on your own.

“My youngest niece had an imaginary friend and when my sister told me about it she said “ask her what she looks like”

“Ok, what’s she look like?”

“Broken pieces.”

“…Oh.. why’s she broken sweety?”

“She fell from our tree”

Nope. Sorry sis you’re on your own.”

7. Mooky.

“My cousin was a few years younger than me and he had an imaginary friend called ‘Mooky’.

Mooky wasn’t human, but some kind of alien/monster thing.

Used to freak me out when I’d hear a noise behind me at my grandparents house and my cousin would calmly say “It’s only Mooky, he just wants to see you.””

8. This is terrifying.

“When I was little I claimed to have an imaginary friend, who had light brown hair and wore a night gown, and she had stars for eyes.

Well, my niece was living at my old childhood home and she told me that she has a friend who misses me and she asked why I went away. When I asked who, she described my old imaginary friend.

It was super spooky.”

9. Orange doggy.

“My son was two, he started to cry in the middle of the night and say an “orange doggie” was under his cot.

This went on for at least a month, he would describe the Orange doggie as having sharp teeth, stealing his dummies and biting his lips and face until there was blood.

He’s 16 now and still remembers it vividly.”

10. Devil child.

“A kid said he didn’t want to go to church because “my invisible friend says he isn’t allowed to go in there”.”

11. Time to call the exorcist.

““I’m talking to Ms. Lady.”

“Who’s Ms. Lady?”

“The white lady with black eyes and long fingernails!”

Cue me searching for the nearest exorcist.”

12. Uh oh…

“Purple mommy.

When my son was first learning to talk, he would tell us about something called “purple mommy”. It could be an imaginary friend, but these details are a little bit creepy. Here’s a few of the purple mommy details . Purple mommy is all purple with long hair and bright all white eyes(at the time he mixed up purple with black, so he could have meant she was all black).

Purple mommy picks him up at night, and turns off the lights. We would often find my son out of his crib in the morning, which would mean him crawling over the railing and to the ground, at a time when he was barely walking.

Definitely found the lights in his room off a few times too, even though hes terrified if the dark. . Purple mommy needs a bandage because she has blood everywhere.

Purple mommy has no smile, meaning a mouth.

Purple mommy can take her head off. Purple mommy really doesn’t like daddy.

He told us all of this stuff for maybe a year or a little more. If we ever asked where she was, hed always point to the same spot. A corner of the room behind his open closet door. He would also wake up crying almost every night during this time.

Once, during a really rough night, my wife went to ask him whats wrong, and his answer was “purple mommy wont let me sleep.””

Okay, those were creepy…

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