Sometimes, you see things in life that stay with you forever

And I don’t mean that in a good way.

Because there are a ton of messed-up things you can witness that can screw with your mind.

AskReddit users opened up about the most messed-up things they’ve ever seen.

Check out what they had to say.

That is brutal.

“I once saw a women who was stuck with her arm in a hydrolic press.

It came out all flat and I cannot delete this image from my mind.

Arm was removed from her body after surgery.”

Insane story.

“Watched my sister get impaled and k**led by a tree.

Context: we lived at the bottom of a huge hill. The back walls of our house were touching the ground, basically. One day we were playing in the laundry room when we heard a weird snap and seconds later a huge oak tree came crashing down through the roof and one of the branches went through her back. She was screaming, but only for like 4 seconds. It was like the air just got sucked out of her.

Neighbors came running over and all I remember after that is getting scooped up by the neighbor and then waking up in the hospital.

It’s been 17 years. Through therapy and time, I’m more than okay to speak about it. Life goes on, and so must we all.”

Good Lord.

“Saw: An intellectually disabled diabetic woman with maggots in her scalp. The had actually burrowed into the skull.

Did: On the same woman I had to douse her head in turpentine oil and pull out dead/ immobilized maggots with forceps. It took me an hour and a half of tolerating the smell of turpentine, pus and necrotic flesh.”


“I was the captain of a snowboard team and we were practicing backflips. An 18 year old skier rode up and asked whether he could practice with us.

He landed on his head. I was first to him and asked him whether he could feel his legs; he said yeah. In the time between then and when ski patrol showed up with a sled, he had lost feeling in his legs.

Seeing someone that young realize they were paralyzed was heartbreaking. He quickly went into shock.”


“I saw a girl shoot h((oin from a Snapple cap at a house party when I was in high school you could see the plastic / waxy sealant layer on the underside of the inverted cap blackening and pulling apart from the heat while submerged in the junk.”

Don’t do that!

“I once saw a fry cook fiddling with his watch over a deep fryer while waiting for the chicken to finish.

The watch came loose and fell into the fryer. He instinctively reached in to grab it…needless to say it didn’t end well.”


“On Mother’s Day last year a bunch of cops showed up at my neighbors house. We saw our neighbor get put in an ambulance but they cops weren’t leaving.

About an hour later we heard a women yelling “Why won’t anyone tell me what’s going on!!” A few minutes later the coroner showed up. They came out of the house a few moments later and talked to to women who was now in front of my house.

She let out the most painful cry I’ve ever heard and dropped to her knees in the middle of the street . Her 18 year old son was inside. He had OD’d on Mother’s Day. I will never forget the pain in her cries.”

Don’t do drugs, people.

“I was using drugs at a house in the absolute middle of nowhere, Walpole Island to be exact.

The girl sitting next to me was smoking Fentnyl and I heard her do the d**th growl with her lungs and she fell out of her chair. I gave her a shot of Narcan but she wasn’t breathing and turned blue, the guy who owned the house was arguing with me telling me we should dump her body in the swamps, I gave her another shot of narcan and she came to, she gets up and gets MAD at me saying I ruined her buzz by giving her narcan and she goes right back to smoking more Fentnyl.

Drugs suck. 4 years clean and never f**king going back to that s**t.”


“Had to carry a dead three year old drowning victim from the peds ER to the morgue. Wrapped in a sheet. Summer in Florida, so he was still very warm.

Didn’t realize it gave me PTSD until I picked up my daughter 12 years later- she was 6 months old, picked her up from bath and wrapped her in her little towel walking to the bed to dry and change- and BOOM.

There are so many people who have seen so much more f**ked up things- I’ve seen a lot more gore. But that did it- the most f**ked up thing and I didn’t even realize it at the time.”

The fall.

“I once saw a guy fall 40+ feet. He climbed to the top of a rock climbing wall, then let go thinking he was clipped in. He wasn’t.

Poor guy broke A LOT of bones. He quit climbing after that, he was a really good climber too… Also once in the hood I saw a cop run over a dog then drive off all done in front of a bunch of kids playing.”

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