The road can be a weird place

Lonely stretches of pavement, odd landscapes, unfamiliar territory…

And it can get creepy when it’s late at night.

Let’s hear from AskReddit users about the scariest things they’ve seen on the road.

Up in the sky.

“On July 4th last year, both my trainer and I saw the sky in Southern MO light up for no discernible reason.

It got steadily brighter until the entire sky was white, then dimmed at the same pace. Whole event lasted about 5 seconds.

No boom or anything, no one had been shooting fireworks in the area. Just the entire sky visible from all windows and mirrors evenly lighting up.”

A creepy encounter.

“I was driving somewhere in southwestern Mississippi near the Homochitto National Forest on a foggy night.

I was headed back towards home to Texas after a work assignment, when I saw a beat-up old Dodge pickup going the opposite way turn around FAST and start catching up.

It was dark, but my headlights caught the occupants well enough to get a good look when they had passed me in the opposing lane; they appeared to be nude, large men. And they were now closing on me at a high rate of speed.

I definitely didn’t wanna stick around and see if I could hear the Deliverance banjo music, so I flipped on my spotlight, cut my other lights so I’d be less visible from behind, and punched it. Made sure I didn’t take any dead end turns with the GPS, and kept it at about 90-120MPH until I knew I’d lost them.

Definitely the most overtly creepy encounter I’ve had.”


“Slow boated through traffic to eventually pull up on a Miller Lite truck that had tipped on its side near an off ramp.

One lucky ducky hit the Hobo Jackpot and was scooping pints out of the newly formed Miller Creek with an empty Big Gulp cup.”

A story from Dad.

“My dad’s a trucker.

Once he was comin back from a job and the main road was blocked cuz of an accident so he took the local access through a nearby town.

He tells me he saw a woman screaming and asking for help so he stops, the next moment three German Shepherds along with two guys jump outta the woods and charge at him. He takes out his hunting rifle and proceeds to fire a warning shot.

They stop for a moment but come at him again, he shoots down one of the dogs and shoots one of the men in the leg. Calls the cops, they catch the other guy that night and when interrogating them they some messed up bulls**t about cow monsters.

After examining them the cops find out one of em is schizophrenic and they’re both high on m**h. They never managed to find the woman though.”


“I used to have to drive hundreds of miles a day for work.

Craziest thing I ever saw was a small Cessna come within ten feet of the ground while passing over the interstate, close enough to me that I was afraid of it hitting me.

When I got back to the office my coworker told me a Cessna had crashed in the same time frame and same area I’d just driven through. Everyone on board d**d.”

Out in the country.

“I played music for years so I saw a lot of weird stuff driving through rural parts of the country late at night, but the strangest thing I ever saw was actually not too far from where I live.

I was driving to my drummers house at around 3am after a show who lived in a somewhat more rural part of the otherwise largish city where I live, and as I’m pulling off the main road into his neighborhood, there’s what appeared to be a lady waiting at a crosswalk.

A bit strange for 3am but I slowed down and let her cross. As I drove through the crosswalk with her now on my right, I look at her and to this day I can’t quite place what it was, but as I saw her she had some sort of disfigurement and for whatever reason it really spooked me.

I’m a pretty skeptical person and I really do think either it was just the lighting with it being mostly dark, or possible this person was disfigured so she chose to run at night when there are less people around, but some thing about the situation has always stuck with me as whatever I saw didn’t strike me as entirely human.”

Get the hell out of there!

“I drove a grain truck for a while, one night on a road in the middle of nowhere i pulled over to stretch my legs and make some phone calls.

After i got back in the truck after walking around for a bit I rolled the window down since it was a nice night, I really thought i heard footsteps coming from the other side of the road straight at my window.

Nothing was there but I was scared shitless. Another time in the same kind of area I saw a man dressed in all black standing on the side of a hill.”


“The Pilliga Princess.

Woman used to walk her shopping trolley up the Newell Highway in a remote and generally spooky part of NSW at ungodly hours of the night.

Eventually she was hit and k**led by a truck driver and truck drivers (for many years after) swore they saw her pushing the trolley at similar hours of the night as if she was still alive.

The Pilliga Forest is a nice drive to do by day. However, it’s one of those rare parts of Australia where historical (pre-European) and modern horror stories have formed.”

Something isn’t right.

“I was at a stop sign one day and suddenly had that weird feeling you get when something is not right.

I looked at the spot where the feeling was coming from, and there was what looked like a huge (like near pony size) gray wolf with bright gold eyes, staring at me.

We looked at each other for a few seconds, and it turned and slowly walked away into the brush. Later a police officer friend asked me what I thought might be running around just outside of town smashing through wooden fences and killing animals and then disappearing very quickly, since nobody knew what it was or had seen it in action.”


“One night, I was in New Mexico and I pulled off of I-40 to smoke a joint (I know, it was stupid, but I was 22)

It was pitch black, with no light but the stars, no humans around, in the middle of the desert.

I get out of my car, sit on the hood, and light up, but several minutes later I hear a sound from about 20 meters away, under an overpass. It sounds like someone walking towards me. I get creeped out and call out, “Hello”

Nobody answers, but the sound gets louder.

So I get nervous and get into my car, and turn on the headlights.

In front of me is a herd of giant horned deer animals (I think they were Elk.) It was extremely unnerving because they could have easily k**led me if they decided to charge.

I remember seeing the muscles in their necks and being in awe at how powerful they looked.”

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