When I was a teenager I went exploring by the river with a buddy of mine. We got into way too much mud. I absolutely ruined my shoes. It was bad. By the time we got back to his house, he found me an old pair of his I could wear for a while. They were beat up, they didn’t fit me, they weren’t really my size.

The next night, at a church event, a woman came to me with a brand new pair of shoes. She said God had told her I needed them.

My jaw hit the floor.

This is a story I have held onto for years, and told to many others. It wasn’t until only recently that I realized there was a twist.

What is a supernatural event that happened in your life that just can not be explained?
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But we’ll save my twist for the end. In the meantime, can you think of any twists that might explain these chilling tales from Reddit?

The California Trip

Many years ago, my parents had separated and my father was planning on taking a trip across the country to California. He was pretty excited about it.

I talk to him the day before he’s leaving, wish him well and tell him I’ll talk to him after he get’s to California.

The day of his trip, he calls me and tells me he decided last minute not to go. Refuses to really get into why. Just says he changed his mind. Seemed really odd for something that he had been planning for a couple months.

That night I’m sitting at my girlfriends house and we’re watching the news, and they report that US Air Flight 1493 – the flight my dad was supposed to be on – collided with another aircraft while landing in Los Angeles. About 25% of the people on the flight were killed. Hard to know how my Dad would have made out, because it really depended on where you were sitting (front vs. back of the plane).

It was several months before he finally told me that night before he was supposed to leave, he had an extremely vivid dream that he died in a fiery plane crash. So vivid that it scared him out of flying that day.

My dad is a marine corps Vietnam veteran who saw combat. I can only imagine how vivid the dream must have been, to scare him out of getting on that plane that morning.

– SoloHarveyBirdman

No Thank You

A very nice old man and his wife used to live a few streets over from us. Well she got very sick and his son flew in to help watch and care for her. A few weeks later she moved to hospice and later died.

The night she died her husband and son drive home and they were talking about what to do for the funeral and the husband asked, “Do you think she’d want (some person) to attend” and they both said they heard the dead mom/wife in the back seat say “no thank you”

– _________FU_________

Answering the Call

My buddy and I were playing tennis one night at some courts by my house. Lights usually went out at 11, but for whatever reason that night they went off at a weird time, like 10:43. Whatever, that was weird, we collected our stuff and started walking to my car about 500 feet from the courts.

My buddy’s mom pulls up right as we’re getting to my car and goes “Where the h**l have you been? I called your cell and some guy was just laughing, it didn’t sound like you”. It was then my buddy realized he didn’t have his phone on him. He told his mom to call his cell again and we could see it light up in the middle of the court we were playing on (by the net, but still definitely in between the single lines, not at all where we kept the rest of our stuff).

He goes and gets it and only has the one missed call from his mom, the one she just made. He asked if she called the right number and her call log showed 3 calls to his phone all that night. We can’t explain why the cell was on the court or what happened with the calls or what happened with the lights. It was surreal

– dgrantschmidt

The Ghost

Working as night security for a small office at a sanitation plant. Building was a single entrance and you had to check in at the security station to get in or out. A worker shows up and checks in saying he needs to take care of a few things and grab some stuff. So I check in his ID and flip a few lights for him then go back about my business.

Fast forward a few hours and my shift is about to end, I still haven’t seen the guy come back. So I go patrol the building to find him and literally can’t find him anywhere. He’s not in any of the areas I turned lights on for him, no other lights are on, and he’s not in any other rooms. I stop by security to see if we just missed each other and he’s trying to leave, but nobody is there. I do a second patrol and still no signs. At this point I went to check cameras to see where he went, but he’s not on a single camera except the one covering the entrance and security station. He turns down a hallway and never shows up on the next camera down said hall. At this point I logged it as an incident, and GTFO right as the relief shift showed up.

Next day my boss calls me and says that worker had been on vacation out of state for several days, and wouldn’t return for several more. Nobody could offer any explanation to what happened.

– DuneManta

Come on Dave, Let Me Sleep

When i was little the woman that came to clean my house (i’ll call her Mary) while my parents were working was also my babysitter, usually after she ended up cleaning she would bring me to her house until my mom would come and pick me up.

There during the year i knew her whole family, among these was her husband that i’ll call Dave.

So Dave was a pretty cool guy, just the average elder you would find in any rural town, he liked to drink wine with his friends at the bar, go hunting and he had a lot of good and interesting stories to tell me when i was a kid, and after all these years spent together he basically considered me as a grandson.

Now back when covid hit for the first time in my country i had a dream one night where Mary was coming to my house to clean as every other week, but this time in my living room there was a closed black coffin. When i asked her what was in there she looked at me and said in a sad tone: “Dave is inside there”. Now if that wasn’t strange enough i remember waking up later that night and feeling a presence to the side of my bed, and i distinctly remember to have said while still being half asleep: “Come on Dave let me get back to sleep”.

Next morning when i woke my parents told me that Mary had called saying that Dave had passed that night due to covid complication, to this day i still haven’t told anyone about it and i am still a bit freaked out from the whole story. Also sorry for format and grammar but i’m on mobile and english isn’t my first language

– Uzzo_99

The Switch and The Shadow

Woke up to a weird feeling, and saw an opaque silhouette of a little boy standing on the other side of the apartment facing me.

I turned on my light and it was gone, when I turned my light off I saw it again.

Flipped the light back on and went over there to make sure there was nothing that could be causing a weird shadow etc.

There was nothing there that could have created that specific shape and it was standing in the pathway between my couch and wall so it couldn’t have been a shadow.

I turned my light off again and it was there, flipped it back on and slept with the light on for the rest of the night.

Couldn’t sleep without the light on for days lol.

– Ishouldprobbeasleep

God Help Me

as my great grandfather passed away, my aunt and uncle had an unopened voicemail on their landline answering machine. as they listened to the voicemail, it sounded exactly like my great grandpa saying “god help me” before it faded off.

the thing that trips me out the most is how my aunt and uncle requested a log of their incoming/outgoing calls, and it there were no calls logged in that time frame. i’ve heard the voicemail. so bananas.

– spectronatty

The Accident

Had a premonition I’d be involved in a car accident one morning on the way to work as I got out of bed.

It was a very strange thought and I considered taking an alternate route but did not.

As I got onto the highway it was raining and a car flew past me, hydroplaned, and slammed into my car.

– ZeeLiDoX

The Dream Sweater

A family friend of ours, Gary, was terminally ill with cancer. He was a father figure to me and one of the few adult males from my previous life (I am a recovering alcoholic) that fully understood me.

A friend and myself were in Moab, UT and found a hostel to sleep in for the night. I had a dream about Gary. He looked amazing, completely healthy and back lit and was wearing a multi-colored sweater. He looked at me with concern in his eyes, pointed backwards and said, “I’m not doing too good.” I woke up a bit shaken because it felt SO REAL.

I told my girlfriend about the dream and she asked if I needed to call my mom to see how he was doing. I told her that it wasn’t necessary because I knew they would call me if Gary passed.

That day we drove from Utah to Colorado and stayed in another hotel. About 5 AM I woke up and my phone was ringing. I could see that it was my mom and I already knew what she was going to tell me. She broke the news that Gary had passed and I basically explained to her that Gary came and told me goodbye. I’m tearing up IRL right now writing this…

The picture that his wife picked for his obituary was Gary in that multi-colored sweater he was wearing when he came to me in my dream.

– Zealousideal-Place63

Watching Over Me

When I was 9 or 10, it was a bad year. I was regularly physically and emotionally abused. But that year, I was sexually abused. On top of all that, I started having serious mental health issues.

Well, when things were at their absolute worst, I started having dreams of this blonde lady telling me to hold on. That things would get better. It was so comforting and peaceful and continued as long as the extreme abuse continued. I didn’t know who she was, I just figured I imagined her.

Well, things finally simmer down, and the dreams stop. About a year later, mom was going through old photo albums, and my blood freezes. I see the blonde woman from my dreams. I ask who she is. Turns out, it was an aunt I had who died shortly before I was born.

– Tenebrousgent

The coda to my story? About the mud and the shoes?

I’d seen that same woman the night before. She’d seen me. She’d seen me wearing old, dirty, ill-fitting shoes. The only miracle was the basic kindness.

But what about these stories? Do you think they can all be explained away?

Tell us in the comments.