Can we PLEASE retire the mom jeans thing that has come back into fashion among younger people in the past few years?

I think it looks absolutely AWFUL…but a lot of people seem to wear them for some reason…but that’s just one example.

AskReddit users talked about who they find unattractive that most people like.

Let’s take a look.

1. He’s very popular…

“Harry Styles.

A lot of women my age seem to love his looks.

I just…don’t.”

2. Not natural.

“Nicki Minaj.

All that plastic and fake b**bs and a** is NOT attractive.

Natural is better.”

3. IMO…

“Gisele Bundchen.

She’s not ugly by any means and I’m sure a big part of her modeling success is because of her body.

Her face isn’t overly attractive IMO.”

4. A twofer.

“Robert Pattinson. His face is so square, it’s weird looking.

Also Benedict Cumberbatch. His eyes are waaaaay too tiny and far apart.”

5. Poor Leo.

“Leonardo DiCaprio.

When he was young he was cute but in a very feminine way, he wasn’t my type.

He hasn’t aged well.”

6. That’s harsh.

“Pamela Anderson.

She always looked like some ci**rette s**king soccer mom with chicken legs and a baby’s a** to me.”

7. Not doing it.

“Taylor Swift has never done it for me.

I just don’t see the appeal.”

8. That’s an interesting description.

“Ryan Gosling.

I have never understood why people think he’s attractive. I think he looks like a toe.”

9. Being honest.

“Jennifer Lawrence.

I genuinely dislike her and she ruins movies for me.”

10. Hmmm…

“Angelina Jolie.

She looks like an old person trying really hard to look young.

It’s just really disconcerting.”

11. Fightin’ words.

“Jennifer Aniston / Rachel’s character in Friends.

Whiny, entitled, unfunny, plain features.”

12. Was a huge deal.

“Christie Brinkley.

She was supposed to be the be all, end all of beauty when I was a kid, and I’ve always found her to be very plain.”

13. You sure about that.

“I don’t get the Blake Lively thing.

She looks very average to me.

I’m pretty sure she works at our grocery store…”

14. Way too big.

“Hyper muscular people, like the Chris Hemsworths and Dwayne Johnsons of the world.

A little toning looks good, but I personally don’t find bodybuilders of any gender particularly attractive.”

What do you think is unattractive that most people like?

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