All kinds of jobs can be unhealthy when you really think about it.

In addition to being physically dangerous, a lot of jobs can be toxic, overwhelming, and bad for your health.

Check out what AskReddit users had to say about this.


“Truck driving.

Sitting for hours on end, especially if one is lazy with posture, can lead to a lot of pain.

Also, fuels and lubricants are somewhat toxic.

And don’t get me started on road food. Unless you have a fridge and can bring your own food, you’ll be eating a lot of cheap garbage carbs.”


“Welding, did that for 15 years.

Breathing in toxic fumes all day sneeze into a kleenex and it would be black.”

A dangerous job.


Breathing in all kinds of dust all day, working in weird positions, heavy lifting, loud, dangerous tools and so on.”



My dad was exposed to toxic herbicides/pesticides and his doctors attributed his terminal stomach cancer to his decades of exposure.”

Long hours.


Those hours are unbelievable.”

Check yourself.


There are so many al**holics on both sides of the bar you become friends with.

It can be difficult to keep yourself in check.”

Hell no.


In my younger days I spent time as a bouncer, bar-back, and concert security.

Nothing like having a drunken a** take swings at you for trying to do your job.

Or getting blind-sided by a beer bottle to the head, etc. 100% not a long term sustainable role.”


“Taught high school for 8 years.

Got to a point where I would vomit up my breakfast every morning because I was so stressed and depressed about going into work every day.

I had to quit for my emotional and physical health. Getting berated and disrespected all day every day takes a harsh toll.”

Brave folks.


The amount of cancer causing exposures is mind boggling.

We are going to see a huge increase in firefighting related cancer due to the amount of “forever chemicals” that are released from synthetic materials when they burn.”


“Public accounting.

My final 3 months with Deloitte, I was on an audit client racking up nearly 80-90 hrs a week. My senior and first year quit right before busy season so it was just me (2nd year), intern, and a manager from NJ (I’m in TN).

Absolute nightmare. Big reason why I left because of how bad the pay and work life balance was.”

That’s too bad.

“Any profession that helps others.

Those professions can take care of others but don’t have time to take care of themselves.”

Maybe all of ’em?

“I figure a majority of jobs are unhealthy.

White Collar Jobs: You’re staring at a screen all day, which is bad for your eyes. You’re sitting down too much, which can lead to weight problems and all the complications related to that, as well as potential back, neck, and knee problems.

Blue Collar Jobs: Wide variety of potential physical injury.

Sustained stress is bad for you mentally and physically, and stress is a part of every job.”

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