I never got suspended or expelled (thankfully) in all my years of schooling.

I had plenty of detentions, but I guess I never crossed the line far enough to get put into my place like that.

But a lot of my friends got suspended: some deserved it and some definitely didn’t.

What’s the most unfair suspension or expulsion you ever saw at school?

Here’s what people had to say on AskReddit.

1. Not your fault.

“Got jumped at lunch by this guy who apparently didn’t like me.

Eye witnesses came to my defense saying the other kid and his buddies skip class to be at my lunch period and instigated everything yet I was almost expelled and he got a week or two.”

2. What did I do?!?!

“I saw a kid once get suspended for literally getting pushed on the floor.

This was due to a no tolerance to fighting policy. Many schools have it in place across America and it’s absolutely bullsh*t. A kid literally getting the sh*t kicked out of him will still get suspended despite not being the aggressor.

Essentially if you were going down and wanted someone to go down with you you could make that happen by just punching a random kid in the face.

You could be a gifted straight A student and it could all be ruined by some *sshole who punches you in the face.”

3. Creepy.

“Every girl who ever had a bra strap pop out or every time the (male) teachers decided their outfits were “tempting” you got carded.

3 cards and you got suspended.

If you are “tempted” by teenagers, you should not be around teenagers.”

4. Unfair.

“Normal girl wearing a slightly above the knee skirt: SUSPENSION!

Cheerleader wearing a skirt showing her panties: SCHOOL SPIRIT!”

5. Hmmm…

“Underaged girl (16, I’m 17 at the time) sends nudes to boyfriend.

Boyfriend sends to friends. Friends spread it to schools all over our county. Picture gets sent to me. I delete picture. I get suspended for a day because picture was sent to me.

Didn’t show it to anyone and deleted it when I got it. Didn’t ask for it, it because it was sent to me at all, I was still punished.”

6. I don’t get this one.

“It was hat day. You pay one dollar and you can wear a hat in school.

These three Asian students wore those bamboo hats. They had them confiscated.

Very smart principal.”

7. Jeez…

“A student was having a panic attack and one of the teachers grabbed them by the shoulders, shook them aggressively then pushed them into a wall where the teacher continued to shake the student and hit them against the wall.

The student was suspended and then ended up dropping out and the teacher finished the year at our school before being relocated to a different school.”

8. Cheater!

“Our principal is infamous for cheating on his wife with another teacher.

So 2 students made a meme page on Instagram saying ” he (principal) can cheat on his wife, but I can’t cheat on my exam”.

Both students got suspended and couldn’t take their final exams.”

9. I had an appointment.

“I got suspended because I had a doctors appointment but this girl spread a rumor that I came to school in the morning then skipped school.

So when I came into school after my appointment, I was sent to ISS and suspended for 3 days.”

10. That’s weak.

“My friend kicked someone on the way to school. We both got the same suspension.

I was guilty by association, having done nothing but be there while it happened.”

11. Inappropriate!

“Bully asked a girl out he was tormenting (we always defended her but he just kept at it).

She said no and he grabbed his Coke and went to pour it on her. This kid goes up to him, snags the coke and throws it to the ground, and tells the bully to f*ck off.

The kid who grabbed the coke was suspended for bullying and using inappropriate language.”

12. Picked on.

“Sometime in middle school I was just this nerdy quiet kid and of course there were a few bullies that gave me hell every day.

They were bigger than me, and also lived on my street or the next street over. So they gave me hell both at school and at home.

Anyhow, one day in the playground at school they were pinning me down, throwing rocks at me etc. I threw my math book at one of them out of frustration and it landed in the mud. They did not get in trouble, but I received 3 days of suspension for damaging school property and they made my mom pay for a new one.

They never stopped. One day one of them spit on me in the bathroom and I spit on him back. He then grabbed me by the throat and slammed my head into the wall. I went back to class with hand prints around my neck. At least that time we both got suspension.

No wonder I have self esteem issues.”

Did you ever see anyone get suspended or expelled for a really dumb reason?

If so, tell us your stories in the comments.

Thanks a lot!