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“Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease.

It’s genetic. You won’t know that you have it. When you know that you have it, there is zero recourse. It will eat holes in your brain and you’ll d**.

That, and Fatal Familial Insomnia, also genetic. One of your parents woke up one day and couldn’t fall back asleep until they died, having suffered rapidly progressing neural degeneration.

And it tends to set in around mid life, so you spend every day waking up knowing it might be the last time. You find it hard to build relationships and have a family because you know it’s not a matter of if, only when. But you know you’re not gonna see your golden years.”

Oh, great…

“Your eyes have their own immune system and if your brain ever figures that out then it will eat away at them turning you blind.”

It’s coming…

“The Pacific Northwest has a 600 mile long subduction zone that is approximately 70 years overdue for a 8.8 to 9.2 magnitude earthquake, and nothing on that coast is built to withstand that.

There has never been a strong earthquake on that coastline since European contact, because the last major earthquake happened in 1700. Unlike Japan, which had a comparable earthquake in 2011, the PNW isn’t ready for it and things aren’t built to withstand what’s coming.

Some day soon, Seattle, Vancouver, Portland, and Victoria are all going to lurch 6 feet inland, shake v**lently for 5 to 7 minutes, and then get hit with a 100 foot tall tsunami.

It is projected to k**l tens of thousands, displace millions, and wipe out trillions of dollars of wealth; the 2nd largest humanitarian disaster in North American history, second only to Haiti. And it seems like people are just pretending this doesn’t exist.”


“That viruses cannot classify as a living organism and yet behave as if they are fully aware of their surroundings and evolve to suit it.

They behave like they have a brain but are merely nucleic Acids.

Fascinated me since my first virology class.”


“There is a form of insomnia that firces your body to never be able to sleep, and has a 100% fatality rate.”


“The potential for false vacuum decay.

It’s possible that the vacuum state of our universe isn’t really in its lowest state but is instead in a false low.

If something were to cause the vacuum to decay to its true minimum somewhere in the universe this would spread at the speed of light and when it reached us we would simply cease to exist. No warning, no feeling, just… gone.”

Just think about it.

“Reality is surreal AF.

We “live” in an environment where supercharged bolts of plasma spontaneously appear in the sky and can fry you to a crisp and explode you in a millisecond then dissapear without a trace. Clouds can leave the sky and touch the ground at 200+Mph and pull you hundreds of feet in the air or flatten your town, again gone without a trace.

There is a micro verse that exist within our environment that holds microscopic m**derers, constantly attacking your body for any points of weakness, all while you go unaware of the silent threats. Consciousness is the greatest mystery of all.. my personal perception creates my reality, there is no way to prove any if it is real, because no one could ever experience your version of reality.

Life could be one big hallucination, even our 5 senses are only able to interpret pieces of our environment to create a version of perspective and experience. The thought of any of these scares TF out of me.”


“Using COVID as the example; the idea that a virus could pop up and grow out of control before humankind could do anything about it.

Basically imagine a much more lethal virus getting out. We’re all screwed!”


“The Carrington event, a massive solar flare that hit the earth in 1859.

It took out all communications and damaged almost every electrically run piece of equipment. It almost happened again in 2012, but it missed the Earth by about 5 days.

Scientists estimate that if one hits us again, it would cost the United States about 3 trillion dollars to get everything back to normal.”

Never heard of this before…

“The Uncanny Valley.

Even when the it’s extremely well done, humans have a trait that allows them to tell when an image or video of a person in front of them is not real, even with the most well done pictures and videos. More prominently noticed now due to CGI and digital art, but according to studies, this triggers a mild fight or flight response to us.

This implies that at some point in our evolutionary history, we evolved a trait to warn us if something ‘looked’ human but wasn’t.

I’ve read some theories that this was due to other races like the Neanderthals. But considering we now know that early homo-sapians actively cross bred with Neanderthals that seems unlikely.”

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