This is kind of a scary thought, but the recent advancements in AI might make a whole lot of jobs useless sooner than later…

But for today’s exercise, we’re going to focus on jobs that are useless TODAY.

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The first job.

“My very first job.

I’m a toxicologist and was hired by a very big private laboratory. My main job was to sort and redirect case files depending on the time at which the results came out.


I was getting paid to just click sort by date descendingly.”


“We have a specific security guard we’ve had for 13+ years now and is pretty useless. The security guard lives there and has a tv. He watches telenovelas most of the time.

All he does is open the gate, and doesn’t even bother to even inspect though, since according to his logic 99% of people who can afford a car aren’t bad/harmful people. He doesn’t ask names or house numbers, just opens the gate whenever he sees a car. Anyone can come in if they have a car, he doesn’t even inspect faces.

And do you know the worst part?

When moving in to the privada, you are supplied with your own control remote. The gates are also automatic.”

Sounds shady.

“Pharmacy benefit manager.

Literally their only purpose is to make more money for middlemen while screwing over the general public on drug prices.”

Coming clean.


I’m a management consultant and while I have quite a bit of industry knowledge and experience my clients either have the same knowledge or they aren’t willing to accept change

. Often times my firm gets paid a lot of money to make very little difference strategically and/or operationally. Where we do add value is in implementing enterprise-wide software solutions. Why do I stay? The money is pretty good given the futility.”


“Pet Psychic.

Our Golden Retriever was getting joint therapy (shoulder injury, worked with a vet, dog did swimming three days a week in a heated pool where he could exercise without putting weight on the joint, also did some exercises, is now fine. The place also did laser therapy and acupuncture for dogs.)

Someone said something about ‘Hudson’ which is our dog’s name only they were talking to another dog. ‘Oh,’ they said, ‘That’s the dog psychic’s dog.’ Apparently you could find out what your dog was thinking.

I know what my dog is thinking. Most of the time he either wants what I’m eating or he wants me to throw the ball.”

Thank you!

“An elevator attendant.

“First floor sir? I’ll press button number 1 for you.””


“The lady who walks around the office saying “Don’t be on your phones, if you have time for that then you can study about the company!”

Same lady that is pushing hard to go back in the office, because remote work pointed out how useless that position is.”

What’s the point?


I don’t know a single person who has actually purchased something from a telemarketer.

Maybe it’s something the older generation does but everyone h**es them and immediately hangs up on them around me.”

Still spinning.

“No one is talking about those sign spinners that became popular.

Who has ever seen someone flipping a sign and

Been able to read it

Went to the business to buy something because of it.”

For real.


Theoretically, these MFs could be using their skill set to hold politicians and evil oil companies accountable, but nah, they just want to take upskirt photos and s**t.”

Pretty weird.

“Bathroom attendants.

I don’t need somebody in there pulling paper towels out the dispenser just to hand it to me and compel me to tip them.”

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