Keeping secrets buried deep inside is really not good for your health.

The stress builds and builds and it can really make you sick.

So sometimes you really just have to let it all out!

What secret do you really need to get off your chest?

Here’s how folks on AskReddit responded.

1. Not a fan.

“I don’t like my parents and I am on the verge of hating them.

I am scared of their obsession about me especially since I’m an adult already. I’m terrified my future partner will be similar to them,and that I will pick up a partner with patterns similar to them.

I’m terrified I will never have a healthy relationship because the obsession I faced included s**ual harassment too.I feel guilty for “hating” them I guess but I pretend we’re good…everyday I pretend we are happy because I feel bad for them.”

2. You have to love yourself.

“I absolutely hate everything about me and wish I were completely different.

Looks, personality, voice, everything.”

3. I’m not worthy.

“I’m terrified my husband will realize that I’m so not worth all the effort he puts into our relationship and taking care of me.

I’ve got a chronic illness and he’s had to add taking care of me to his plate on top of already being a wonderful husband and father.”

4. Not guilty.

“Despite acting like it during the retelling of the story, I actually have no remorse for almost k**ling a guy who attacked my brother and actually derive a large amount of pleasure from the memory.”

5. Don’t care.

“I genuinely do not want a “good” career.

I am so tired of being the smart kid. I wish i could just work in mcdonalds or be a garbage dude or just any job that requires repetitive motion but no problem solving skills.

If I could live securely driving a school bus i would do it happily for the rest of my life.”

6. PTSD.

“I suffer from sometimes-debilitating PTSD.

While my wife is aware that I have PTSD, she has no clue how bad it can get. I hide this from her because I don’t ever want her to see me as less than Superman.

I hide the extent of it from the VA ( I am currently rated as having mild PTSD with the VA) because I don’t want the federal government to keep records of it for fear of future mental health legislation.”

7. To be young again.

“Some days I wish I could just be a useless stoner, get fat from eating utter junk all day, do nothing more productive than play video games, bass guitar, and go for nature walks.

Basically, some days I wish I was 17 again.

I adore my kids and enjoy my life but there are days when I’m just so tired from the weight of responsibility.”

8. That’s rough.

“Two weeks ago my doctor told me I’m in the early stages of glaucoma.

I’m am artist, I cannot imagine losing my vision. If it comes down to that I’ve already decided I won’t live without my sight.

I’m not trying to be all dramatic and I’m not even emotional about it, I just don’t want to live if i cannot see or paint ever again.”

9. Scared to break up.

“I’m too scared to break up with my girlfriend for several reasons.

I’m not in a good place mentally, and I fear my mind is clouding my judgment.

She has no idea and it would crush her.

It’s hard and expensive to find a decent place to live alone.

I know the last two makes me a horrible person. No need to add to the hate towards me, I’m self-sufficient of hatred.”

10. I want action.

“Haven’t had s** in almost 2 years and am dying to be in a relationship / at least get laid.

But I think I lost my game and am starting to wonder if I had any to begin with.”

11. Numb and sad.

“I don’t know how to communicate what I am really feeling.

I tend to play off my emotions and seem very neutral in real life, but I feel like I’m screaming in my head most of the time. I’m quite introverted and overall a quiet person, so no one questions my sort of stoic presence.

Constant anxiety and overthinking rule my thoughts. I’m not sure how I can change or if I’m even willing to open up. I never have done it before.

I’m afraid to tell someone or anyone in my life that for years on end, all I have felt is..,numb and sad.”

12. Lonely.

“I’m drowning and I feel so alone. For the first time in my life, I’m failing a class in school.

Nobody knows. I went from valedictorian to this. I’m falling behind and it is so hard to catch up. I can’t reach out to my counselors or teachers because I’ve always been the smart, diligent one. I don’t have the courage to ask for help.

I don’t know what I want to do with my life. Law? CS? Finance? Careers, college, it all seems so big and elusive. I realize I truly have no passions. Hobbies? Kinda. But nothing I would ever pursue.

I’ve talked to classmates who are getting internships and touring schools for things like music therapy and the arts and in the past, I would have internally scorned them for doing something so “useless” but now I just feel jealous that at least they have something they truly enjoy. That they have the courage to step beyond society’s standard of success.

I’ve always been the “golden child” but I’ve been put so high up on a pedestal that its just assumed I will always stay there. My parents can’t see that I’ve fallen and am drowning below because they just “know” that I will always be fine.”You are always so responsible.” No. I’m not.

“I know I can always count on you” No. You can’t.

I’m still a teenager. A child, some would say, and I need guidance in life but you are too busy with my sister’s issues to see mine. You drag me in and make me her third parent. I am still a kid, too. I can’t resent her for that. Her issues are much more immediate than mine. She is the best thing in my life. But I feel so alone.

My friends would never understand. They think my life is perfect. They say, “OMG I love your dad. He is so funny.” “Hahah, your sister is so cute” “Wow your mom is so cool”. No. My family is falling apart at the seams. Fights are daily.

I feel so alone but everyone is moving on with their life. I don’t where to go so I’m just faking til I make it. Keeping a smile on my face. Let them all think it’s okay.”

Do you have any secrets that are really weighing you down?

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