If you ask me, life is awkward all the way around.

But that’s part of the fun of being alive, I guess…

You just never know what to expect…or why things turn out to be awkward when they really shouldn’t be…

What’s awkward but really shouldn’t be?

Here’s how folks on AskReddit responded.

1. Thank you so much!

“Opening presents in front of someone.

Pretending you are not disappointed when there’s no money in the card.”

2. Let’s just get this over with.

“Trying to park while the person next to you is getting into/out of their vehicle.

Or when you and the car next to you both need to back out…

So you wait for them to start, but they take forever, so you take the right of way at the exact moment they decide to start going.”

3. Right?

“Asking someone for the money they owe you.”

4. Now what do I do?

“Receiving a compliment.

Are you supposed to return the favor, just say thank you and move on, downplay it to appear modest, etc…?”

5. Doh!

“Accidentally touching your friend’s hand while walking together.”

6. Isn’t this your job?

“Calling to make an appointment.

The people on the other end of the phone always seem confused or flustered.

Like they’re being bothered. Maybe I just get bad doctor offices.”

7. What are we doing here?

“That situation where you don’t know whether you should hug a girl or shake her hand.

What the f**k is the protocol here?!”

8. Being judged.

“Meeting your SO’s family for the first time.

As long as you treat your SO well, things should go fine right?

But there they are…watching…judging…”

9. Cringeworthy.

“Listening to people sing you Happy Birthday…”

10. Back away slowly.

“Leaving someone’s yard sale without buying anything…and you were the only one there.”

11. Get it together!

“Asking my roommate to do basic household chores.

General clean up, dishes, don’t put out a grease fire with water.”

12. You again…

“When you say goodbye to someone and then inexplicably run into them again a few minutes later.

I find it the most awkward in the grocery store because after you say goodbye you are most likely to meet in every single aisle until the checkout.

Cue awkward smiles every 5 minutes.”

13. Now it’s a race.

“Walking the same speed as someone else.”

14. This is weird.

“When you arrange a meet up with someone and you spot each other from far away.

Then have to walk towards each other not really sure if you should just stare at them or just ignore them until you get within greeting range.”

15. I just don’t feel like it.

“Saying “no” to a social invitation when your reason is that you just don’t feel like going.”


“As a guy, working in retail.

Ringing girls bras or underwear out. Like seriously I don’t care, it’s clothing, it doesn’t bother me.

And yet there’s always someone who makes a big deal about it and request they are rung out by a girl rather than me.”

17. Let’s get this over with.

“The period of time between the cashier giving you your change and putting it in your wallet.”

18. End it!

“Saying “Bye” on the phone.

I hate all the wind-down in conversation to just get off the fu**ing phone.

“Okay then…sounds good….you have a great day too…buh bye”

So annoying.”

19. Just having a good convo.

“As a grown man, talking to children is getting increasingly awkward with age.

No, I’m not trying to kidnap your daughter- she’s just way more entertaining than you and all the other big people.”

20. Still uncomfortable for some.

“Buying pads/tampons. Like, come on.

Everyone fu**ing knows women have their periods. Why on earth do I have to feel ashamed when I’m visibly carrying a pad to a public toilet or at the store?

It’s ridiculous.”

21. You’re fine!

“Leaving a grocery store without having bought anything.

My thoughts while walking away:

“I look suspicious, they all think I’m a shop lifter. But a shop lifter would never walk out the store without buying anything. Omg but what if the shoplifter thinks the exact same thing, he would also leave without buying anything. Now I definitely look like a shoplifter. Why am I walking so funny. Yes we’ve made it !!”

I have a problem I think.”

22. No shame in that.

“Telling someone you like them.

It’s a natural desire to be attracted to another human being.

People act like its something to be ashamed of.”

23. How does 50 cents sound?

“Signing for the pizza delivery.

Knowing the pizza boy is watching you sign and waiting for a tip.

There’s always a palpable tension because you know his eyes are trained on that tip line.”

24. Own it!

“The walk of shame.

Everyone should be high fiving you.”

25. Just trying to help.

“Correcting someone in the workplace.

I don’t need to hear any more awkward apologies for doing something wrong. I’m just trying to tell you the right way to do it, end of story.

I’m not trying to make you feel bad.”

26. Who cares?

“Asking someone their age!!!

A friend of mine said ‘this Saturday is my birthday’.

I instinctively said , ‘Oh great, how old will you be?’

And immediately felt my foot entering my mouth as she looked at me like I just pulled out my ding dong in public.

I think this is a really dumb and antiquated thing to get upset about.”

27. You did it!

“Last week I entered a public bathroom at the same time as this other guy, unfortunately we both had to drop off the kids at the pool and there was this unbearable awkward silence.

We both sat there not p**ping for about 5 minutes, trying to avoid the inevitable monstrous fart and tsunami sized splash that happens in those situations.

As a solution (It would only get worse building up all of that pressure), I pulled out my phone, turned on “Bob Marley Radio” on Pandora, turned it all the way up, and told the guy “There you go, this should help” he laughed said thanks, and we proceeded to take the Browns to the Super Bowl.”

What situations do you think are awkward but don’t need to be?

Sound off in the comments!

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