When I think of someone with a goblin personality, the first thing that comes to mind is the sort of social media troll that would often be described as a “trash goblin.” You know the type, just an irredeemable garbage person.

But a bunch of users on Tumblr have taken it one step further, proving that not every trait of a goblin is negative, and maybe the trash goblins of the world are contributing to an unfair stereotype.

It turns out, maybe being a goblin has nothing to do with being awful, and everything to do with a unique set of personality traits, habits, and preferences.

Image credit: Ellie Burgin via Pexels

So here are ten ways to self-identify as having a goblin personality.

1. Setting the stage

First of all, what exactly defines a goblin?


2. Goblin-like traits

But seriously though, who doesn’t like moss? It’s so green and soft and mossy.

Image credit: Tumblr via Cheezburger

3. Kinda seems like common knowledge

Does every writer everywhere feel a little bit judged by this list, or is it just me?

Image credit: Tumblr via Cheezburger

4. They come out during the wee hours

Phew. No late night hijinks for me, so maybe I’m safe.

Image credit: Tumblr via Cheezburger

5. And it turns out, there are only three choices

Of the three, I’d have to go with werewolf though.
I can’t resist a full moon.

Image credit: Tumblr via Cheezburger

6. For that goblin in your life

Or, you know, treat yourself.
And may I add that fingerless gloves are a far cry from worms (and no offense was intended to my Secret Santa recipient).

Image credit: Tumblr via Cheezburger

7. All the precious

I may or may not have collected these myself as a child.
So? They’re gorgeous!

Image credit: Tumblr via Cheezburger

8. Rocks + weapons + candy

Honestly, this above all may be the most tell-tale sign… I personally cannot say “no” to rock candy.


9. Penchant for leaf crowns

It’s hard to resist a good leaf crown, TBH.


10. You like to set traps traps

I mean, I personally don’t eat things I find in the restroom, but maybe that’s just me.

Image credit: Tumblr via Cheezburger

So that’s it! Who knew goblins had such specific and universally agreed-upon character traits?

Not me. Clearly I need to read more Tolkien.

What about you? Recognize anyone in this list? Tag them in the comments.