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Here’s yet another tale from the AITA page. Let’s take a look.

AITA for threatening to expose my father to the society he keeps?

“My(22F) parents divorced when I was 5, both of them had remarried within a year of that and both have families of their own.

At the moment, I am working part-time at the library of my uni where I’m also pursuing my Masters. I’m living in a flat with a couple of other flatmates. I make ends meet but generally I’m a bit skint.

I never had anything but barely cordial relationships with my parents individually, my father used to be some kind of a bully in my childhood and my mother was at the best disinterested in my upbringing. My parents are being much better at parenting the second time around, I have half siblings on both sides.

I’m particularly close to my half brother James(15) (on my father’s side) and we share quite a few common interests. On several occasions though, I’ve seen father being rather unkind to him because he seems to think James is “too wet” and not manly enough.

The last weekend I was invited for my father and his wife’s marriage anniversary celebrations at his house and James came out while at the dinner table. There was only the immediate family and a few guests invited but our father decided to throw a wobbly and started berating him in front of everyone present. The guests all appeared flummoxed and very uneasy, nobody came to his aid and James was on the verge of tears.

I was really p*ssed off (and I’m not good with my temper) at my father and told him he had lost the plot completely after a few good years, that he’s been a bully to everybody around him and he doesn’t get to keep his appearances up as a good parent in front of his friends if he cannot treat his children right.

This lead to huge row in front of everybody with James crying and my father screaming at us some more and threatening to throw him out, at which point I told him I’d gladly take him in if he wishes to rather stay with me.

I left with James that day after ringing my flatmates and they were more than happy to accommodate him. He has since returned to my father’s house but he stated he preferred staying with me and taking the bus to his school.

My father and step mother are livid and are not talking to me since the incident but my extended family and people I know through my father have been bombarding me on social media letting me know how much out of line I have been.


Here’s how folks responded.

This person said that this is not those folks’ business and they need to respect boundaries. And that this young woman did the right thing by sticking up for her brother.

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This person said that perhaps the woman’s brother thought it would be safer to do this in public…they might be right about that.

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Another Reddit user said that it’s clear that the younger brother lives in an abusive household and is probably afraid…and that the woman’s extended family is pretty terrible.

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Finally, this reader said that the younger brother might have chosen a better time to come out but realistically, the father was going to be rude about it no matter the time and place.

And they added that James will most likely be leaning on her for a long time due to the family’s bad behavior.

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