If you’re like me, you have no idea who your neighbors even are. You’ve never met them, you don’t know their names – if you’re lucky you might RECOGNIZE them as, in fact, people that live around you.

If you’re like my dad on the other hand, you know all of them, and have a strict friend/enemy list onto which each one has a slot.

But either way, we can all appreciate the truly GOOD neighbors, which is what makes these posts from Reddit so special.

15. Special delivery

Gotta give it up for ’em.

A UPS driver went above-and-beyond this year, delivering nearly 200 packages a day through lockdowns and the flurry of the Holiday season. This week, hundreds of neighbors came out to give him a hero’s salute
byu/screenshotofdispair inaww

14. Never forget

Now get out there and party!

So my 102 year old neighbour was emiddited to hospital with a stroke and she still remembered my 21st
by inpics

13. Love over hate

Keep tryin’, you’re gonna get defeated every time.

Some guy spraypainted some very explicit anti-gay slurs on a garage down the street (a gay couple live there), so our neighborhood got together and painted this.
byu/despacito_spooder inMadeMeSmile

12. The plate

Now I’ve really got something to be thankful for.

My neighbors brought me a “plate” since I didn’t go anywhere for Thanksgiving.
byu/hbgbees inpics

11. The sweet treats

Kids are just puppies that slowly learn how to talk.

Our neighbor gives treats through the fence. Recently he has been giving my daughter treats too. This is them waiting patiently today.
byu/MokeOG inaww

10. The flood

The greatest note you can possibly come across in a situation like this.

Apartment complex flooded at least 3 feet. Good neighbors saved dogs trapped inside.
byu/feller32 inHumansBeingBros

9. The smile

Look at that little half-stash booger. What a cutie.

Lost my husband suddenly 6 months ago, lost my cat last week. Today, my neighbor brought me this baby girl. Smiled for the first time in days and haven’t stopped
byu/sbeth8705 inMadeMeSmile

8. Notes from abroad

Oh man, I wonder how long they’d been waiting!

Our neighbour doesn’t have Wi-Fi, so we talked her through joining ours. Once on she received 70 messages from her children living overseas
byu/steviesays2 inHumansBeingBros

7. God bless

That’s what compassion looks like.

In 2019, this 15-year-old kid started to take care of his elderly neighbors every single day after they had medical setbacks. God bless you Romemylion.
byu/super_monero inMadeMeSmile

6. I’ve got time

En excellent use of your time.

After bad storms, this retired old man goes around our neighborhood and cleans the debris out of yards and catch basins. When I asked him why he said “because I am retired and have the time to help”. 10/10 great dude
byu/HERMANNATOR85 inHumansBeingBros

5. A burning fire

It’s bad, but you can make it a little bit better.

Neighbours helping out strangers during the Australian bushfires. Everything helps and it all adds up!!
by inHumansBeingBros

4. Now, scoot!

What kind of dingus steals from a kid.

Someone stole a kids razor scooter in our neighborhood. An anonymous neighbor decided to restore some joy back for the kid.
by inHumansBeingBros

3. Garden cheer

I just think they’re neat!

Left this in my neighbor’s garden to cheer them up.
byu/RudyWillingham inpics

2. The sled hill

There’s a perfect one in every neighborhood, and not all the owners are as cool as this.

Neighborhood kids were using this lady’s yard for sledding without asking. She responded by blasting Xmas music out her window, putting on a Santa hat with a beard and joining them.
byu/ffdmc inMadeMeSmile

1. Sebastian

It’s the light in the eyes.

[Crosspost from /r/nextdoor] A note left for a neighbor
byu/missvh inMadeMeSmile

Just warms your heart all over!

What’s your best neighbor story?

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