The older I get, the more I understand it…a lot of us eventually turn into our parents.

I find myself getting excited to do the following things lately, which means I’m definitely turning into my dad:

  • Taking out the trash and the recycling.
  • Vacuuming.
  • Going to the post office.
  • Loading and unloading the dishwasher.

What the hell happened to me?!?!

Oh well,  I guess it happens to the best of us…

Here are some humorous stories from AskReddit users.

1. I think this is a universal Dad thing.

“My dad will fall asleep just about anywhere, especially if he sits in recliner. So after I got my first full time job out of college, I got home and me and my roommate where gonna watch a new episode of some show.

I fell asleep in our recliner in less than 10 minutes. I woke up after the show ended and my roommate was like yeah you were out and snored a little.”

2. Sassy as hell.

“I’ve always had a little sass in me and most of my life, my shyness covered that up. Now I am a one woman sassacre. Thanks, mom.

My brothers have been telling me for years that I am essentially our mom, to the point of calling me ‘little mother'(in an endearing way, not a norman bates way). I own it.”

3. This describes me perfectly.

“When I went from “Oh hey this restaurant has live music, cool!” to “Dammit – look at them setting up a drum kit. It’s going to be too loud. I can’t hear.””

4. It’s happening…

“My 10 year old nephew let me win a video game cuz he felt bad for me, like I did to my dad 25 years ago on Super Nintendo.”

5. And it begins…

“My SO and I were packing and getting ready to road trip to some family’s house for Thanksgiving. As I was cleaning up the house my SO said something along the lines of, “don’t worry about it, you can clean when we get home.”

I replied with, “I do NOT want to come home to a dirty house.” At that point I realized I’m turning into my mother.”

6. That’s a good thing!

“My mom used to find things for us in a minute after we had been looking for hours. My siblings and dad sometimes lose things and ask me to help because “I always find it magically” …. I’m actually very excited about the mom touch to finding things.”

7. Work and sleep. That’s all there is to life.

“My dad has always worked himself to death. Now he’s retired. When he comes over now as soon as he sits down on a couch he falls asleep within minutes. I’m noticing couches are starting to have the same affect on me.”

8. Home improvement.

“Finding myself excited to go to Lowe’s. As a child I haaaaated being dragged to that store. As an adult and new homeowner I totally get the appeal of buying power tools and gardening supplies to work on various home improvement projects.”

9. Let me tell you a story.

“I repeat stories. Every time I go home to visit, I’ll hear things from my dad that he’s either told me by phone already or stories I’ve heard 100 times.

I found that I have also started telling people about stories from my past that I’ve already told them. Convenient that I don’t make up bs, or I’d have to remember all my BS.”

10. Walkin’ slow.

“My dad was a fairly tall guy, i used to hate walking with him when i was about 4/5 because he’d take giant steps and i had to basically jog everywhere while he dragged my hand.

My son is now 4 and i caught myself doing that exact thing about 2 months ago. Now i walk slower.”

11. Family tradition.

“I went mushroom picking with my friend a couple of months ago. We ended up meeting my dad and grandad also mushroom picking. I’m Polish for clarification and mushroom picking is like a national sport here.”

12. Don’t rush me!

“So I’m at IHOP one day, already finished with breakfast, on my second cup of coffee, and the waiter comes with the bill. As I pull out my debit card to pay it, I put my wallet away and think to myself, “Just let me sit here and enjoy my coffee…”

Which is a phrase that my mother has used so many times at breakfast that she could patent it. I’ll admit it does feel nice to just relax and enjoy it instead of rushing out the door as soon as you’re done. Now it’s something I do routinely.”

13. It ain’t cheap!

“The first time I told my kids to “shut the door, we aren’t heating the outside!”

I finally get why they said it too. It costs money to heat/cool the house!”

14. Driving habits.

“While driving in my car, I will put my arm out to protect the passenger if I suddenly stop…even though they are wearing a seat belt….just like my mom.

As the passenger in the front seat, I will step on the brake, even though there is no pedal. The old fake brake, just like my mom does!”

15. Old creakin’ bones.

“When I sit down and make a ‘dad noise’ “aaahhhhrgggaaa”.”

Those responses are pretty darn hilarious!

How about you?

Have you had any “I’m turning into my parents!” moments?

If so, please share them with us in the comments!