One of the most incredible things any human can experience in this life is the bond we form with our pets.

And one of the most heartbreaking realities is how short their lives tend to be compared to ours.

It feels like some cruel irony – an absolutely perfect and unconditionally loving companion who only gets to stick around for about about a fifth as long as do. But that short span also makes the time we do have with them all the more precious, and to be enjoyed.

Which is exactly what these older pet owners are doing. Let’s meet some cuties. (Names invented by yours truly where not provided. I just go with the vibe.)

11. Luis – Nine Years Old

We goin for a ride today?!

This guys been with me through elementary, middle and now high school, and today he just turned 9 years old
by inaww

10. Lexi – Ten Years Old

Wherever you go, I’ll be right there with you.

My dog Lexi is turning 10 soon. Through college, 3 cities, 2 apartments, and our first real house – anywhere we go, we go together.
byu/diam8827 inaww

9. Derpinger – Eleven Years Old

Hows come they look so very skeptical?

11 years ago today, this derpy angel fell from heaven and into my arms.
byu/atmtn inaww

8. Ramble – Fourteen Years Old

He’s a ramblin’ man, and he’s still ready for some adventure.

Meet Ramble. He’s been my best friend for 14 years and is, of course, the goodest boy.
byu/bobhadanaccident inaww

7. Lucy – Fifteen Years Old

Your time is our time, and it is valued.

My old girl is still up and running at 15 years old – I give her the biggest hugs and tell her she’s loved every single day because I will never know when she decides it’s time 🖤
byu/cute-monkey inaww

6. Kendor – Sixteen Years Old

You lay right there until he decides he’s done.

My old friend is approaching 16 years, yet he is still as fresh as he ever. Today he wanted to cuddle, so I guess my chores have to wait
byu/DoNotChris inaww

5. Ms. Kitty – Seventeen Years Old

She looks as vivacious as ever!

17 years later she is still my baby
byu/ecmerd inaww

4. Gregory – Eighteen Years Old

In need of boops, please.

My Buddy is 18 years old today!
byu/Algrimor inaww

3. Fritz – Nineteen Years Old

Practically a kitten, still.

[deleted by user]
by inaww

2. Snag – Twenty One Years Old

There’s wisdom in those eyes.

Just turned 21 years. He has accompanied me through teenage years, college, marriage, and was still able to meet my 4 month old baby. Thank you for a lifetime of companionship…I love you with all my 💓.
byu/amsa40 inaww

1. My Boy – Twenty Five Years Old

He is absolutely a cutie, what are you talking about?!

He may not be a cutie but my boy turned 25(human years) today and I wanted to share his beauty with all of you
byu/AdSignal1933 inaww

Much love to them all. Go hug your pets.

Who’s your favorite pet you’ve ever had?

Tell us about them in the comments. Several-way ties allowed.