Uh oh…this doesn’t look good

Have you ever been in a movie theater and just had that feeling in your gut it was gonna be a stinker?

It’s like a sixth sense or something…well, at least I get that feeling sometimes.

But let’s hear from AskReddit users about how they can tell a movie is going to be bad.

What’s the point?

“Remakes of movies that didn’t suck.

I h**e that there’s so many remakes of decent/good movies. Feels like it’s just a safe money-grab.

It would be cool if movies that didn’t do so hot, get reworked into good movie remakes, but I guess that’s too much of a risk for studios to bother with.”

Look it up.

“Directed by Alan Smithee.

You’re not actually allowed to use that name anymore because Eric Idle made a movie where he was a director named Alan Smithee who wanted to not be credited for a terrible movie but the only name he could use was Alan Smithee.

I guess it pissed the Director’s Guild off that he was mocking the system that way and just said, “Fine, f**k it. You can’t do that anymore.””

That’s not good.

“An exposition in which one character explains everything that’s going on to another character that should already know what is going on.

“Stacy sweetie, you know I haven’t been the same since your brother disappeared 4 years ago at the creek, & then we moved here to get away from the bad memories but it didn’t change anything & now you’re moving to college & I’ve been finding it hard to accept, & I’m struggling to hold down my job at the diner & that new guy I’m seeing is acting really shady & disappears for days, & completely unrelated to all that there’s mysterious murders happening since he arrived in town. You know all this Stacy..” whilst unpacking the shopping in the first scene.”


“When the trailer explains the whole movie.

I’ve scratched titles off my watch list because I feel I’ve already seen the important parts of the film through the trailer, why bother?”

Too many cooks in the kitchen.

“When there are more than 3 writers a movie tends to lack vision. It can also occur due to rewrites.

Not A Bomb Podcast reviews movies that bombed financially or critically and this is a subject often discussed if anyone is interested.”

Uh oh…

“Someone else put in the work to make the property popular in the first place, and the people in charge of making the movie put zero effort into making it look or feel like the property it’s based on, relying on the name and special effects alone.”

Dragging it out.

“It’s been in production for too long.

There’s always a reason, for a recent example; ‘Chaos Walking’. It changed screenwriter, director and production company so many times over 10 years but was sold on it been “A Charlie Kauffman movie starring Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland”.

Kauffman left in 2013, Ridley and Holland filmed it over years due to so many reshoots and failed screenings. Then Lionsgate said the negative reviews were shocking to them.. Really??”

Big time.

“The trailer is super vague on the movie, but super heavy on the life stories of people involved.

“From the director of these movies of different genres, and the producers of these movies of completely unrelated genres, staring actor from this film and another actor from another film, we bring you Movie Title.”

The studio sank money into the project and are hoping name recognition alone will bring in viewers, because even the studio doesn’t know wtf they have.”

Right off the bat.

“When they find out someone got k**led in the new house they bought.

“Hey, what happened to the last people who owned this place?”

“They were eaten alive by pirates.”

“I want to raise my kids here.””

Here we go again.

“Jenifer Lopez is in it and it’s about weddings.

“No, Rosa María! you can’t marry your rich client! You are the wedding planner and the daughter of immigrants…”

It ends with them getting married in the middle of a Puerto Rican town.”

You’ve seen it before.

“The preview shows a girl who’s Just Too Focused On Career to find love going back to her small hometown for whatever reason.

So, basically every Hallmark Christmas movie.”

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