People…will they ever learn?

All signs point to NO.

Because folks out there think that a lot of things that are unhealthy are actually healthy.


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Good one.

“Unconditional forgiveness.

The older you get, the more you realize that letting people off the hook for doing shitty things isn’t actually doing them, as people, a favor.

A large amount, if not most people will only change their bad behavior if they face consequences for it. While many people will take a free second chance to better themselves, a lot of other people don’t have that sense of self-awareness or responsibility and instead will take it as a “get out of jail free” card and won’t change anything.

Also, narcissists and people without this sense of responsibility tend to take the idea of forgiveness to mean “you can never bring it up or hold it against me again even if I do this thing to you again”.

With these types of people, forcing them to feel the shame of their actions, or at the very least consequences (if they’re sociopathic or narcissistic) is often the only way to get them to change.”

Everything is fine!

“Staying positive to the point where it becomes toxic.

Toxic positivity is real, especially among senior management in public and private sectors.

It can completely tank staff morale.”

You hear about it all the time.

“Grind/Hustle culture.

Flexing how little time you have to spend with your friends/family/yourself. Turning anything that brings you joy into a business venture.

Trying to belittle anyone who isnt “grinding as hard” as you.”

It’s natural, bro.

“The pro-weed crowd acts like it is a miracle drug with no downsides.

Fact of the matter is, it does cause anxiety and delusional episodes in some people.”


“Sports bars and energy drinks.

They are designed to pump athletes full of sugar, salt, sometimes caffeine, and potassium. When you’re running a marathon or biking 50 miles or other endurance activity, it is fine that you just ate a 500 calorie candy bar with half your daily recommended amount of salt and sugar in it.

It’s not so great when the only exercise you get is going to the kitchen to grab another one because it didn’t fill you up.”

Gotta have balance.

“Obsessing over your health, only eating healthy foods, not havung sodium in your diet, isolating from other to “grind” and work on yourself.

Anything that becomes extreme and isolates you from society or impairs your relationships.”


“Wine culture.

I don’t understand how drinking a bottle of wine every night (I’ve seen day drinking too) because you’re so overwhelmed and stressed out isn’t leading you down a bad path.”


“”I had a salad for lunch.”

The salad: a large pile of ham, cheese, and ranch dressing over a thin bed of iceberg lettuce.”

Hard on the body.

“Running marathons, especially ultramarathons.

Running is obviously good for your health overall, but can be unhealthy at extreme distances and cause the body to breakdown.”

Can’t be your whole life.

“Work culture, work friends, work life.

What ever you call it, remember your job isn’t you, the company doesn’t care about you, you are expendable.

And no you don’t get to choose your work friends they are a forced social interaction in a system that attempts to normalize spending 80% of your time on an activity that is not beneficial to you in any way, other than allowing you to live so that you can perform a work activity.”

Pump it!

“Extreme gym culture, or gaining high muscle and getting super ripped.

It looks lean and fit and gives off the impression the ripped and lean guy/gal is healthy, but truth of the matter that look puts on extreme stress on the body and mind, and a very dehydrating and sometimes unhealthy diet.

Disclaimer is not ALL are like that, but I’ve had way too many gym rat friends have heart attacks at 30yo, a couple with liver failures, and plenty of body dysmorphia and suicidal tendencies. Not to mention it also introduces ped use.

There’s always the comparison that it’s healthier than being obese, but of course there’s a limitation.

Not saying gym culture is bad, I’m definitely still a gym rat and a good majority get healthy through gym culture, but there is definitely a side to it that dips heavily into the unhealthy.”



I hear a lot of people saying that it is healthy fast food, but even if you make an all veggies sub, their bread still has a ton of sugar in it.”

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