That company is still around?


Do you ever ask yourself that when you see a business that you thought went away a long time ago?

I know I have!

And today we’re gonna hear about the companies that AskReddit users are surprised are still around.

Take a look!

Fast food.

“Long John Silver’s.

In my opinion LJs survives because of consistency. It’s admittedly not the best, but I know what to expect.

It’s comforting to know that through economic crises, pandemics, wars and culture swings – the only thing that really changed about the fish taco was it’s price.”

Time to party.

“Party City.

Oone of those stores that makes its nut from a fee days a year. Week before Halloween and there’s a line out the door. 4th of July, Easter, graduation time, and Thanksgiving and Christmas is when they do their business.

It’s a one stop shop for everything you need for an event that allows you to see it before hand and not make a bad Amazon purchase.”

Still at it.

“I had some older woman knocking on my door at like 2 pm on a Wednesday trying to come in and give me a demo of a Kirby vacuum cleaner.

Also, door-to-door salespeople are apparently still a thing in 2023.”


“Herbalife. Don’t people know?

They’ve been opening storefronts that pose as small health food shake shops in place of (or in addition to?) the old MLM model.

They just opened one down the street from my job and stopped by with free samples. They tried really hard to disguise that it’s Herbalife.

It’s a really weird business model, you buy a “one day membership” in their health club that comes with a shake and an energy tea and I think that’s supposed to let them skirt some legal issue with the shops?”

Old school.


It’s like they have been actively and consistently trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of success for the last 3+ decades.

Their in-house researchers were the first to pioneer, and subsequently discard, graphical user interfaces for computers (later copied to huge success by Apple and Microsoft), the ethernet protocol (backbone of the modern internet), the computer mouse, modern WYSIWYG editors which are now the industry standard way of building interfaces for modern apps, and SO MANY OTHER THINGS.

If XEROX had just followed through to market on one or two of their prototypes, instead of giving them away, they might have had a bigger market cap than Microsoft and Apple combined today.

Instead, they are mainly still just making copier machines like they are perpetually stuck in 1958, yet somehow they are still in business.

That’s just crazy to me. It’s like if IBM had decided that electronic computers were just a fad and were instead still focusing on electromechanical typewriters in 2023.”

You see ’em everywhere.


Working in the service industry; I’ve known many a coworker that goes to Applebee’s because the drinks are cheap and they’re open late.

They have the “f**k it, what other option do we have?” market cornered for poor people who work nights.”

Did you know about this?

“MySpace is still around.

I wish everyone would go back there and we could just pretend like Facebook never happened. we could do cool stuff like show off our pets and share songs.”


“I read that Netflix just announced they are going to stop mailing DVD’s for rental in the next few months.

I thought they stopped doing that a long time ago.”

I remember…

“Precious Moments.

I live where they come from and I even worked there once.

I had to quit because it was weird almost to the point of being creepy.”


“QVC or HSN.

I know it’s the same company now but I don’t anyone who actually watches or buys things from them.

With Amazon and all the other options for shopping how do these still exists?”

Last man standing.


Outlived Circuit City, Radio Shack, and Fry’s. They’re the last man standing.

Their prices match those you can find online, and their employees are old-school helpful.

They deserve to have survived this long, and I’ll be genuinely sad if they disappear.”

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