Folks out there seem to be pretty divided about self-checkout registers…and can we really blame them?

On one hand, they’re convenient and you don’t have to talk to another human if you don’t feel like it, but on the other hand, they can be complicated and intimidating.

So what do you think…?

Check out what AskReddit users said.

1. Not into it.


. Stop & Shop has these, it takes like 13 steps to just get to beg the machine to let you give it money. Walmart scans shit, you put your cash in, the robot gets it. No buttons, you scanned s**t, you gave me money? Sweet.

Please, Mr. Stop & Shop machine??? May I pay you? May I please, please pay with cash?? Ohh pleeaaase.”

2. More room, please.

“Need more bagging room.

I had to get a Target employee to override an error message because I had nowhere to put the rest of my purchases and I stupidly removed a 12-pack of soda to make more room.

I can get a few packs of soda and maybe three bags on the little platform before I start having to play bagging Tetris.”

3. Oh God, no!

“I imagine someone with anxiety was relieved to find out they existed, only to be horrified by the even worse circumstance of waiting awkwardly for an attendant.”

4. Outta here.

“I’m probably the least anxious person in the world, but I’ve just walked away from a self checkout register and left everything there.

I’d scanned a huge load of groceries and then the d**n thing told me to take the last item out of the bag. I’d already scanned it. I tried replacing it a couple times and shifting the weight distribution on the bagging area. I didn’t want to just put it back in my cart and look like I was stealing.

Finally it said I had to wait for an attendant, but there was nobody there. I waited what felt like five minutes holding my cucumber (or whatever it was) like a jackass with no employees in sight and then I decided “f**k this place” and walked out. There’s nobody to check me out, but I guess they have to find someone to restock all this stuff.”

5. Good and bad.

“My store under the Kroger family has a set we have had for years and a newer set of them. The new ones are easy as pie and I don’t understand how anyone can’t use them. They even have easy instructions in various languages.

The old ones though… constantly breaking for no reason, scale issues, calling for attendant when unnecessary..

I really think once stores properly upgrade their equipment (I know, yeah right) and ignorant people are forced to learn them these complaints will go away.”

6. Move it!

“I figure if i have 2 bags worth of stuff, self check out. More than that, regular check out so i don’t waste people’s time.

I h**e when i see someone with a fully loaded cart in self check out because they take forever.”

7. Interesting.

“As a defense attorney I h**e them since so many of my clients have theft cases because they thought they could trick the self checkout machine.

My first conversations with them is usually hearing “oh I was just so distracted I forgot to scan it” or “the scanner messed up.”

Then you get the video and see the person is clearly skip scanning items or acting really shady and bypassing other open machines and picking the self checkout closest to the exit door.

In most cases a store asset protections employee is not going to call the police if you forgot to scan your 24-pack of bottled water on the bottom of the cart after you just spent $200 on groceries. But when the item you “forgot to scan” is a $30 box of Benadryl or some makeup products it just doesn’t look the same way.”

8. Lovin’ it.

“Go in, pay for my s**t and leave without ever speaking to or making eye contact with anyone?

Yeah, they’re awesome.”

9. Great.

“Self checkout works GREAT at the pharmacy/drug store, because everything is small and packaged nicely.

Easy to scan, bag if necessary, and bail without interference.”

10. I’m into it!

“Unexpected Item in the Baggage Area” is the name of my next band.

Gonna get huge.”

11. No small talk.

“I will use them any time I have the chance.

Get to bag my stuff the way I want it bagged and don’t have to worry about small talk which I h**e.”

12. Can be a pain.

“My Kroger has a person whose job is just to sit there at the self check out counters so even then it isn’t that bad.

But yeah if the self check out kiosks are unattended then it can be a pain.”

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