Yes, rich folks get most of the breaks in life, but knowledge is power, my friends!

And today we’re going to hear from folks on AskReddit about what they think poor people know that rich folks don’t have a clue about.

Check out what they had to say!

1. You know it all.

“The exact price of everything.

You could probably raise the price multiple times on an everyday item and a rich person wouldn’t even notice.

A poor person would notice when something’s 5-10c more expensive than before.”

2. Sad.

“When your parents are lying to you saying they’re full when they’re not so you can have the last bite.”

3. Don’t waste anything.

“How to get all the peanut butter out of the jar.

And every last part outta the toothpaste.

My grandma used to cut open the tube when there was almost none left to use every last drip of it.”

4. Down and out.

“How much confidence you lost when you are poor.

It seems like everyone around you look down on you.

You keep doubting yourself for no good reason.”

5. An unfair system.

“That we don’t have the same rights as rich people.

I mean, yeah, the same laws apply to everyone, but if you’re poor you can’t afford lawyers and are not able to skip work to go to court.

And landlords and bosses know this and will drag any procedure as long as possible until you quit.”

6. No safety net.

“The pressure of living to the next paycheck, with no safety net if anything unexpected happens.”

7. Hunger.

“How to be hungry. Not what it feels like to be hungry, but how to live your life even though you’re hungry all the time.

The chosen situation of being on a diet is not the same as being hungry and unable to afford to do anything about it.”

8. Out on the street.

“Being homeless. There is nothing like it.

To me, it means that every single person you know has given up on you. Parents, siblings, friends… everyone.

Homelessness taught me I have no one. Maybe more importantly, it taught me to have others backs even when they don’t want it.”

9. Interesting point.

“How to instinctively be more sustainable about everyday activities.

Rich people can scream and yell about it, but it’s mostly the poorer middle class that is sustainable.”

10. Flimsy.

“Life is flimsy.

Most people are only a series of choices away from losing everything. The middle classes tend not to see it because when enough choices have been made, society doesn’t see the person anymore.

The poor have less choices, and can often see rock bottom from where they are. For some, they resign themselves to letting the fall happen. Others run from it.”

11. New clothes.

“The sheer joy when once a year as a kid, you could have an outfit that hadn’t already been worn by at least 3 other kids before you.

This includes underwear.”

12. Yes, you can.

“They say you can’t buy happiness.

You can.

Because there’s an incredible amount of freedom and joy that comes from being able to just buy something without having to check your bank account every time and budget for it.

The simple act of being hungry and being able to just go buy food is an incredible high when you don’t have that option for years.”

13. FYI.

“How to cook a chicken. I mean like really cook a chicken

Roast the whole bird. Eat 1 breast

Remove the other breast, thigh meat and any other light meat you can

Throw the carcass in a slow cooker for 8 hours with cheap stock cubes, whatever herbs you can afford and the cutoffs from the roast veg – carrot tops, potato peelings etc.

Drain pot into a jug to keep the stock, then pick through the carcass with your fingers for all the meat that now comes off easily

Return that meat and some veg to the pot for 4/8 hours to make a stew

Use the rest of the saved meat for another meal.

A 1.2kg chicken does me for 5 days this way. It’s something I learned from my mum, whose mother raised 3 kids on a very low income post WW2 – this is how they would make the Christmas chicken work for multiple days.”

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