This is an unusual question, but let’s just roll with it, okay?

AskReddit sometimes busts out the really weird inquiries and the people of Reddit respond in kind!

Let’s see what all the weirdos out there had to say!

1. Thinking ahead.

“Truffles! I can resell for a lot of profit!”

2. You put a lot of thought into this.

“Small pills that give you super powers when ingested. There’s no real way to determine what power you will get until you try it. Once you have the power you have it for as long as you want but once you take another pill the power it gives you replaces the one you have.”

3. Step right up!

“Soft serve ice cream.”

4. Well, it all started…

“A piece of paper, that had a good idea relating to any topic on it. When I raised it in conversation and people asked how I thought of it. . . Well you get the idea.”

5. You’re gonna be loaded.

“Securely sealed small packages of diamonds.”

6. Big business.

“Lithium, that stuff is worth heaps.”

7. That would be nice.

“Valid $1,000,000.00 checks.”

8. That will be interesting.


9. There’s gold in them hills!

“Liquid gold.”

10. Thank you! That’s disgusting!

“Exactly what it was before I digested it, with the same appearance, taste, and everything.”

11. Never know when you’re gonna need that.

“Printer ink.”

12. Get back in there!

“A bunch of tiny elves that disappear after they all complete a task of my choosing.”

13. Are you a professor?

“The exact weight of each turd comes out as 1/4 inch gold spheres coated in wax. Each time I take a deuce, the little gold beads slide out into a pail I have ready. All I have to do to do to extract the gold is to melt the wax off and sell it.

No pain due to large or sharp objects, and any effect gold may have on human anatomy is negated by harmless wax coatings. The gold passes easily, and I profit. I choose gold over currency, because currency can be traced. Also, things like lithium and other rare materials are highly controlled which means people would become suspicious.”

14. Tired of nature.

“Air. I would never have to shit again. Can I get the same deal for my piss, too, so I can play Minecraft nonstop without nature being an annoying bitch?”

15. That’s not weird at all…

“Apple bottom jeans or boots with fur.”

Well, I feel strange. I don’t know about you. Maybe you feel completely normal. And if so… ewwww.

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