It’s never too late to fall in love.

That goes for me, you, all of us!

And that’s a good thing, because I ain’t gettin’ any younger folks…and I’m still lookin’ for Mrs. Right…

Instead of Mrs. Right Now! Hey o! Sorry, I had to do it…

My point is that a lot of people fall in love after the age of 30 so if you haven’t yet, don’t even sweat it.

Let’s see how it all went down from AskReddit users who found love a little bit later in life.

1. Different times.

“We met the old fashioned way, in a restaurant through a mutual friend. I had to work out of town for a couple of months after meeting but on returning we quickly moved into together and married in 1990.

So almost 35 years ago. We didn’t have cell phones in 1986 much less the internet. Fax machines were a big thing.

Different world. Different times.”

2. Time well spent.

“A new neighbor moved into the second floor studio and was chatting with me from his balcony while I worked on a art project in the yard.

Thought nothing of it, till some houseguests insisted I come up and meet their friend , small world. Weeks later he told me he was flirting with me but I was oblivious (as usual).

We had 20 wonderful years together till he died suddenly , and yes I do wish we had met earlier cuz then we would have had more time together.”

3. Better late than never.

“I did not meet the love of my life until I was 68, he 65 and not in great health. We met at local Poker tournament.

He also claimed I was the love of his life. We were not clingy but devoted and certain to always be together. After sharing only 1 Christmas, Valentine’s Day and 2 birthdays, I found him in agonal breathing with no pulse.

EMS got his heart started again but he succumbed after 36 days in CICU. We never had a chance for last words. The ventillator and obvious brain damage from his cardiac arrest prevented that. While I will cherish every voice message I have saved and every card and every memory, I wish like hell we’d met earlier in our lives.

But I had to be where I was emotionally and so too him. Better those brief months than never.”

4. Long distance love.

“I was in Australia on a working holiday visa. After going on about a million trials with different companies, I get a call for another interview with another one.

Show up and there are 3 others all “interviewing” for a bunch of different roles. He rushes in late, gives us all a spiel on each of our different roles, asks if we want to try it out, and schedules a time. That was the interview. I don’t think I answered a single question.

He ends up driving me home after my trial day and I think how kind he is and my head automatically out of nowhere goes “It’d be weird if we ended up falling in love and I had to go back to Canada and we had to figure out cross-country futures.” Then I was like “wtf was that? no, boatsmoatsfloats, no, you just met this person.”

About 4.5 months later we were in love, about 7 months after that, I went back to Canada and we had to figure out our cross-country future together. We’re now legally partners, but I haven’t seen him in a year and 15 days. Not at all how the last year was supposed to go, but god I hope I get to see him this year.

I don’t necessarily wish we’d met earlier. I think we would have had a ball together as children because we had very similar interests. I also would have loved to see him in his wild 20s.

But we both had lots of growing to do before we were able to be the partners we are to each other. I do wish we’d had more time together…I wish we had time together now for that matter.”

5. Older and wiser.

“Both of us were married 10 to 15 years previously.

It honesty took the growth of our previous relationships to be able to have the meaningful relationship that we have now.

Funny how your life being in shambles turns into the best thing you ever could have imagined and having a partner that is your true partner.”

6. Perfect timing.

“Met eight years ago had an old car meet in Nevada. Spent a little time together, a bunch of the older ladies shoving us together whenever they could, hence I avoided him the rest of the trip.

He lived in Texas. I lived in California. A year later he called to ask me a question and three hours later we got off the phone. Same thing the next day. Same thing the next day. I invited him to come out and visit because we were having an event at my house. To my utter shock he came. About a year and a half later we were married five days before my 40th birthday.

Fifteen months ago, I gave birth to our first and what will be our only daughter one week after my 43rd birthday. Yes, I wished I met him sooner sometimes.But in hindsight the timing was perfect and meant to be. And I wouldn’t have it any other way!”

7. Don’t settle.

“I only had two-ish relationships in my twenties neither panned out. I met my SO at 32.

I can’t even imagine how I ever settled for less. We matched on two different dating apps. On the week of our first date I was attempting to go full hoe mode and date around and say f*ck it to trying for new relationships any more for a while. On our first date she made a casual reference to DBZ abridged and by the end of the next week I knew I needed to delete the apps and say bye to anyone I might be leading on.

I legitimately don’t know if there’s anyone in this world better for me than she is.”

8. What’s your name?

“I met my wife in a bar when I was with my brother and a friend of his. I thought my brothers friend was a d*ck.

My future wife approached us and proceeded to tell this d*ck what a d*ck he was, turns out they work together. I was immediately attracted to the way she spoke and her judgement of people.

After she walked away, I asked d*ck what her name was, true to form he would not give me her name.

My future wife was with a group of 6 women, I nervously approached and asked for her name.

I was 30, we’ve been together ever since.”

9. Festival romance.

“We met on the Coachella message boards. I was 34 and he was 30. He was looking for a ride to Coachella, I had tickets, but no one to go with.

We met once for about an hour before making the 14 hour drive together. Hung out together the whole weekend, discovered we had similar tastes in music and enjoyed similar things.

We didn’t actually get together until about 3 months later when we met up to go to another music festival together. Music festivals have been a regular part of our 10 years together. Hopefully will be again soon. Stupid Covid.

I don’t think it would’ve worked if we had met earlier, although I wish we had. It took me awhile to figure out how to be in a healthy relationship, and I’m glad I met him at my right time.”

10. Nice!

“I met my wife in junior high school. We were friends in a group of friends. Never dated.

Lost contact after high school. 25 years later we saw each other on social media, reacquainted as friends, then started dating and 8 years later we married. Still happily married after 9 years.

We were both different people when we were younger and agree that it wouldn’t have worked out between us if we got together when we were young.”

11. Strangers on a train.

“Met on the train.

I had the day off and was just riding random trains (personal joy) and she was going to work to fill in for someone. We wouldn’t have met under any other circumstances. She approached me, gave me her card and asked me out for coffee. Happily married for 7 years.

Do I wish we met earlier? No, early to mid-20s me was only concerned about clubbing and hanging out with friends. I would have probably blown her off. We both met at the right time in life.”

12. It takes time.

“Sent her a message on OkCupid, but then she set her account to inactive without seeing my message.

Two years later, she reactivated her account, looked at her old messages, saw mine at the top of the queue, and the rest is history.”

How about you?

Did you find love after 30?

Or maybe even later?

If so, tell us your stories in the comments. Thanks!