I think it’s safe to say that people are getting married later and later these days…or maybe not at all.

But there’s still a certain stigma for people who are a little bit older and are still single. I personally think it’s dumb, but that’s the way the world works…and there are a lot of folks who are 30 and older out there who are looking for love.

How did you find love after the age of 30?

Here’s what folks on AskReddit had to say.

1. Awesome!

“We met through Craigslist.

I was lonely looking for someone to see movies with. She was looking for more. But after a few weeks of chatting we met up , and omg the sparks, and chemistry.

Our first date lasted 9 hours… Here we are, still madly in love, 11 years later and 2 kids, 4 states, 4 apartments, 2 houses and our 10 year anniversary in September.”

2. People change.

“I met my partner 3 years ago through mutual friends. After two failed marriages I swore I would stay single forever.

We moved in together two years ago and its been great. I am 66 he is 55. We are incredibly happy. I don’t think I wish I would have met him earlier.

People are different when they are seniors compared to when we were younger. Different hobbies, dreams, etc.”

3. Music brings people together.

“I met my partner when I was 32. We were each in the same music scene so I’d get to see her out.

I wasn’t ready for a good relationship before that so I was happy to meet her then. Last September was our 17 year anniversary. I’m glad I didn’t settle and waited until I found someone that I’m really happy with.”

4. Used to be a moron.

“I met my wife when I was 31. She was 24.

I was a complete moron in my 20s. Acted like a teenager who was even dumber than when he was a teenager. Perfect timing for me and she helped me seriously get my sh*t together.

Married 20 yrs in May, 2 teen kids. Awesome life right now.

We met at the waterf ountain of a gym. I had never met a woman at a gym before.”

5. Online dating.

“Tinder of all places, at 36 now 41.

And I most definitely would have f*cked it up if we had met earlier – a younger me couldn’t have appreciated how kind and selfless she is.

Having someone who brings out the best in me would have been such a ridiculous idea.

We’re perfect together because of when we came into each other’s lives it seems.”

6. A happy ending.

“Met her at a party when I was 32.

I wanted to ask for her number, but never had the chance for a 1-on-1 conversation as she and her friend were tied at the hip that night. But I knew where she worked. I called her on Monday and we had our first date the following weekend.

I am glad we didn’t meet any earlier than we did because she’s nine years younger than me, so it would have been pretty weird for me to be in my early 30’s dating a college student.

12 years later we are still going strong with two kids and a happy marriage.”

7. Classy!

“I was working the window at a Starbucks drive thru and I saw her open the passenger side door to yack into the flower bed as I was feeding her dog his cup of whipped cream.

That’s when I knew I had found the one for me.

It is now 5 years later and we are engaged to be married.”

8. Job interview.

“I was 30, he was 38. I was in a (toxic) relationship at the time, he was newly divorced.

I was interviewing for a software engineering position at a game company. I had already spent a few hours interviewing there, but they asked me to come back in to do one more interview with a technical director.

I remember him being friendly, but nerves got the best of me. Later, he told me he thought I was cute. I didn’t notice, I was in interview mode.

He rejected me for the position as someone else was better. Was crushed, but I ended up getting an offer elsewhere.

Fast forward over a year later, and I’m unemployed again. In a strange coincidence, that same company (that had rejected me) reached out again, and asked me if I wanted to apply again for that same job, as the previous guy bailed after a year. I did, so they fast-tracked my application and interview–only 1 interview this time, no technical director.

I got the job.

Turns out he worked closely with my group, and 6 months after I started (when I was 32 and he 39), we started dating.

We got married 4 months ago, at 37 and 44. I still don’t let him forget that he rejected me the first time he met me!”

9. Let’s hit the bar.

“I was 32, she was 38. I was supposed to go to a speed dating event but my sister called me drunk at 2pm on a Friday to go to a bar.

I was already dreading the speed date so headed over to drink with sis and my friend instead. By 5pm I had just enough courage to be social with a girl who walked down the street after work and recognized my friend. Because I thought I was going speed dating I’d dressed up. It was pure luck.

I knew enough to know you didn’t waste time with a woman near 40. So two weeks later I bluntly asked if she wanted a family. We were married within a year. We have two kids.

We had that first year alone together and some days I wish we’d had more, but mostly I think how bananas it was that no one scooped her up. She’s my best friend and she has a laugh you can hear two counties away.”

10. Keep that one in your back pocket.

“She was a bridesmaid in my first wedding.

And if we met earlier, it wouldn’t have worked.

She wasn’t in a relationship state of mind yet.”

11. Got a light?

“My husband and I met at a cafe in Paris when we were both 35.

I’d asked him for a light and sat down at his table and we talked until the cafe closed. Two days later we saw each other there again and made plans for dinner that night. Five months later we married.

My husband frequently says he wishes he’d met me 15 years earlier and, while yeah it’d be nice to have had even more time with him, I feel we met exactly when we were meant to.

Sometimes it feels like we’d set a date to meet at that exact cafe on that exact day. When I walked in and saw him that first night it was like, oh there you are.”

12. Don’t wish your life away.

“I was 34, divorced and destined to be the old cat lady at the end of the street. Took a job as a police dispatcher in another city. Air Force guy who worked down the hall apparently never came in until I started working there.

He started coming in monthly….then weekly…and started wearing cologne: oh no. Coworkers said ‘ooooh he’s cute, go out with him’. First 4 times I said no. Then…one day he bent down by my desk and looked up at me and the light caught his eyes.

Oh my god they were so blue. Cerulean blue, like the ocean after a storm. I fell into those eyes and never looked back. We had 16 years and 2 children.

Then he had a heart attack and died at 51. Don’t waste your years. Don’t wish your life away.”

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