Money can solve a lot of problems, ladies and gents.

Of course, you probably already know that, but the stories you’re about to hear from AskReddit users will definitely reinforce that point.

Check out what they had to say about famous people who’ve done terrible things that have largely been forgotten.

Never recovered.

“The Marcos family in the Philippines. They’re back in power after cleverly gaming the May 2022 presidential elections.

They systemically looted the country for two decades and initiated a policy of exporting Filipinos to other countries as slaves.

The Philippines never recovered.”


“Travis Scott essentially leaving his manager for d**d in the studio.

His loyal ex manager who suffered from seizures, had one while Travis was with him.

Travis abandoned him while it was happening and went home then texted him firing him a day later saying “I can’t have a manager who’s shaking on the ground n s**t”.

The lack of empathy continued with Astro World.”

Doesn’t seem fair.

“The current premier of Saskatchewan province in Canada Scott Moe. Caught d**nk driving twice as a young man.

Later caused an accident in which someone was k**led, but the police could not prove DUI that time. Got a ticket for dangerous driving instead.”


“Cee Lo Green.

In 2012 he slipped a woman an ecstasy pill without her knowledge and ra**d her while she was unconscious. She woke up naked in his bed with no memory of what happened.

His charges were eventually lowered to a felony of supplying ecstasy. In response to backlash, he tweeted:

“People who have really been ra**d REMEMBER!!!” and

“If someone is passed out they’re not even WITH you consciously! so WITH Implies consent.””


“Jared Leto needs to be exposed.

He’s a cult leader and a pe**phile.

How is he still working?”

Never heard about this…

“Michael Irvin, NFL hall of famer stabbed a teammate in the neck with scissors at a barber shop, because he was senior and wanted his hair cut done first.

I think it was pretty close to a part of his teammate’s neck that would’ve been a fatal wound. I love the NFL and hadn’t heard about it until this past year. He never faced any jail time.”

Famous film director.

“Roman Polanski drugged and r**ed a teenager and has been living in exile in Europe ever since to avoid prosecution by US authorities.

This is in addition to the horrible things he was alleged to have done to his wife leading up to her murder by Manson followers.”


“John Stamos, from Full House, admitted to leading on a dr**k fan and having his buddy sneak into the room to have his way with her.

She thought she was hooking up with Stamos. I think that’s considered r**e?”


“Steve “Sociopath” Jobs.

He berated his daughter for being born to his mistress, refused to install heating in her bedroom, reiterated she isn’t getting a penny of his $400m fortune then told her she smelled like a toilet on his d**thbed.

I hope she’s an AVID Samsung consumer.”

Power brokers.

“Brothers John and Allen Dulles, which both Dulles, Virginia and Dulles International Airport are named after, are pretty fucked up individuals.

Nearly every US-backed Coup d’état during the 50s, 60s, and 70s was their doing. Their scorch Earth policy to spite the communists k**led millions around the world and put millions more under brutal dictatorships.

This is just scratching the surface.”


“Jimmy Page in 1972 (when he was 28) began a relationship with 13 year old Lori Mattix.

The relationship lasted about 3 years and Mattix claims that the relationship began as a “kidnapping” by Led Zeppelin’s manager

This was at the height of Led Zeppelin.”

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