There’s no doubt about it…things can get testy when people have more than one pet under their roof…

And today we’re going to hear from folks on AskReddit about the drama that’s going on between their pets.

Let’s take a look!

1. Vicky…

“My flock of chickens is very dedicated to my rooster and obeys his every command—with the exception of one hen named Vicky.

She doesn’t give a f**k about him and only wants to hang out with us humans. She follows us around and is just super friendly and cute and chatty, and of course, we spoil her with delicious treats all day.

When I weed the garden she’s right behind me, scratching up the soil like she’s helping me lol and eating all the newly exposed bugs. She’ll walk up to us, look up, and say “hmm-hmm?” like she’s asking, “What’s goin’ on?” The other hens are always by the rooster’s side, but she comes and goes as she pleases.

Rooster can’t stand it. He does everything he can to get her attention, like making the “I found food” call and picking up a random pebble to pretend it’s a treat he found. She figured out this ruse very quickly.

If she starts to run toward us he’ll run ahead of her, stand in her way, and stomp his little rooster feet. She just runs past him, lol.

He gets especially mad when she’s late coming back to the coop at the end of the day because she’s hanging out with us, and he tries to herd her back over to it. She doesn’t give a F**K and just sits on the porch with us, and we all watch him run around screaming and having a fit because she doesn’t want to go to bed yet. It’s hilarious.

Somehow she’s still like #2 in the pecking order tho, she’s an alpha chicken.”

2. A story about three cats…

“Three cats. The oldest and largest is a bit of a grump and not super fond of other cats.

The youngest and smallest is extremely friendly and loves other cats.

Smallest keeps trying to make friends, but it doesn’t go well. Poor little guy. 🙁

At least the middle cat is agreeable to his affections and they are often found in a cuddle puddle.”

3. Uh oh…

“My cat has discovered my dogs bed, that he rarely uses, is bigger than hers. My dog has discovered she is using his neglected bed and has now decided he MUST use it immediately when he sees her on it.

He barks at her and boops her with his nose, she just gets even more comfortable and looks at him as if to say “ya right kiddo, you know who’s boss around here!”

She is an 8 year old hairless cat named Mew, and he is an almost 2 year old Dogue de Bordeaux named Wilfred.”

4. Outta here.

“My two cats, sisters from the same litter, do not like each other. My bedroom become the showdown arena.

There is a heater, which meant that whoever could sleep closest to the heater was the alpha. Finally one cat s**t on my bed twice in ten days, and that was that.

No more cats in the bedroom.”

5. Terrorized.

“My 2 tiny old lady dogs terrorize my younger, large dog. One is just old and cranky.

One of them is playful and likes to scare him and watch him scramble. I swear she knows he is nervous and can’t grip the kitchen floor.

She waits in a doorway, then scares him with a bark in his face when he walks in, and I swear she is standing there, laughing at him, falling all over himself. I also have a cat that will smack the big dog if he barks too much. He is such a big dumb baby that every animal pushes him around.”

6. Wild Kingdom.

“I have two cats, three snails, some shrimp, a betta fish and a dog. My roommate also has a dog.

The dogs are running a relay-thievery scheme with a specific bone. Dog 1 will take it the leave it somewhere. Dog 2 will find it, take it, and hide it somewhere else. Rinse and repeat. They do not chew the bone or anything, they just hide it from one another. This has been going on for about a month.

A few of the shrimp are in a turf war over the prime algae spot on one of the plants. It is getting super intense and I’m expecting casualties soon.

My betta is pissed off at one of the snails because it didn’t let the betta inspect the algae wafer I dropped in last night before eating it. The betta has been flaring and sulking at the snail all morning.

There is nothing going on with the cats that I am aware of.”

7. Plotting something…

“I have a snake and a cat.

They get along, and I swear they are always plotting her escape from her terrium.

Every time I walk in the room, they look guilty and are shoving their faces against the glass toward each other, sharing secrets.”

8. Grudge match.

“My cat was near a vent and meowed when I picked her up.

Now the neighbor’s dog is going nuts and they scream at each other through it.”

9. Not a big fan.

“I have 2 dogs.

One is 4 and the other is 8 months. The 8 month old always wants whatever the 4 year old has, doesn’t matter what, toy, bone, lap, cuddles, you name it.

As you can imagine, the 4 year old isn’t the biggest fan of his younger brother.”

10. Sulking.

“One of my cats wanted a piece of premium canned tuna, and then his sister came and b**ch slapped him, presumably because he wouldn’t stop yelling.

Now he is sulking on his own in the corner and wouldn’t even look at us.”

11. A lot going on here…

“It is very cold here, so the chickens have been brought inside into a luxury set up in the basement.

The cats are most upset that they cannot go in the coop with the chickens.

The herding dog is thrilled her flock is contained in the house, and she is annoyed that the cats keep waking her up.”

12. Everybody chill…

“We have a pigeon thats half blind and can’t fly that started using our tortoise’s terrarium as its house in winter.

Problems began when we started letting our tortoises outside in summer since they would randomly meet inside of it and the pigeon would panic.

Now he has learned that the tortoises are harmless so now they just chill.”

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