Wake up, people!

Because there are all kinds of scams out there that folks continue to fall for over and over again.

So you have to be careful!

Let’s hear from AskReddit users about the scams that they think people need to get wise about.

Preying on the elderly.

“As a teller manager, I have had a few elderly people who actually believe their grandkids are in jail, and need to take out 20k out of their accounts in cash, in order to bail them out.

Literally tell them they are falling for a scam, and to call their grandkids in front of me. Of course the kid then answers.

Their hearts are in the right place, but they need to think before they take large amounts like that, but also if they gave the scammers their personal addresses.”

Don’t fall for it.

“I got a call from someone pretending to be a border agent.

Totally seems legit to think I can avoid federal prison with the right amount on an Apple gift card.”

Sounds fishy.

“Any get rich quick subscription program.

The actual get rich scheme is launching a subscription program for a get rich scheme.”

There’s a virus.

“Hello, this is John White. I am calling from Windows Technical Support.

We have received notification that there are many errors on your computer, and that it may have a virus.””


“US residents!

“The IRS NEVER calls you first!

By law, they have to contact you through certified mail.”


“You know “Psychic Detectives” are also a thing?

Attention seeking grifters, all of them.”

Definitely a scam.

“My coworker who was widowed three years ago met a man online and has been speaking with him for over a year.

He says he has an apartment in an upscale neighborhood of the nearby city. They haven’t met in person yet because he is building a bridge in Dubai. He was going to come home for Christmas but the flights were very expensive.

I am 95% sure this is a romance scam.”


“My parents spend over $100,000 a year on bulls**t timeshares, they are like elite master voodoo level or some s**t. They treat that s**t like an investment, and always tell me and my siblings, “You get to inherit it when we d**! It is a good deal!”

Like, no… none of us want that garbage. The fees and “cleaning” charges and crap cost more then a normal vacation, and EVERY resort in the time share looks exactly the same, what is even the point?

Also, my parents never go on vacation anyway…. it is infuriating, but they are stuck in a sunk-cost fallacy and they refuse to listen to reason.”


“Joel Osteen and other religious scammers.

His s**tty books keep appearing in the lobby and laundry room of my apartment building.

I throw them away whenever I find them.”

You need these!

“There are two scams involving essential oils, first is the MLM, where you recruit people to sell overpriced crap to other people.

The other is the idea that essential oils are a replacement for health care, people suggesting treating cancer and all sorts with oils instead of medicine.”


“Buying a “rich” influencers course on dropshipping, cyrpto etc. your paying a couple hundred dollars for something you can learn from youtube or self learning.”

Ripped off.

“People sell sports betting picks.

Hint- they aren’t making money off their picks.

They’re making money off selling them to you.”


“Any psychic, really.

Storytime: in NYC a few years ago, I walked by one of those storefront psychics as the proprietor yelled out to her husband, “But I can’t find my keys!”

Not great advertising.”

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