I remember when I lived in a house with two dogs and a cat.

It was chaos!

The dogs fighting with each other. The dogs fighting with the cat. One dog and the cat ganging up on the other dog.

You just never knew what was going to happen…

Folks on AskReddit talked about the drama going on between the pets in their home right now.

Let’s get wild!


“Three cats until several months ago, now four. All from different litters. All fixed.

When it was just the three girls they had a shifting power dynamic that my wife and I called the Triple Détente. When the male was added, things got weird. He terrorizes one, creepily stalks another, and is terrified of the third.

This has created a bizarre new dynamic with a top cat (the female that terrifies the male) for the first time in years.”

2. Fun on the farm.

“My hamster waits until my dogs are asleep and then runs on her wheel, which wakes them up, and then she stops until they fall asleep again.

The mini mules keep fighting over who gets to lay on the soft spot next to the gate.

One cat has been sleeping in another’s favorite spot and she gets so offended that her spot is taken. She sits there and glares while waiting for the other cat to move.

We have 2 goats that came from a dairy farm that don’t want the other goats to get all the attention so they chase them off but are still too scared of us so they stand there and stare at us instead.

My gourami begs worse than my dogs and constantly wants food. How can I say no? He’s starting to learn how to spit water to get attention too.

I hand feed my one gecko often and now she bites my fingers every time I try to do something in her enclosure.

One of the cats won’t drink water unless it’s from the faucet.

The coyotes were around the other night and one of the other cats is trying to keep us humans and other barn cats inside. He blocks our way or grabs us if we try to go outside. He’s literally the best cat. He brought home a stray kitten and they do everything together.

It’s breeding season for the turkeys. Apparently our one rooster can fend off 4 toms in his own pretty easily. Toms can get pretty nasty. Don’t mess with the rooster lol

We live on a farm there’s always something going on.”

3. A boy and a girl.

“I have two sibling cats, a boy and girl.

The girl developed heart problems and wasn’t eating as much, so the boy cat took advantage and was eating a lot of her share. Now she’s a little too skinny and he’s gotten fat.

Ok, so I need to separate their food – So I got an automatic feeder for the boy cat, and made a feeder box that only the girl cat could fit in, which made the boy cat mad.

He eventually gained the confidence to winnie-the-pooh himself into her feeder box, which is frustrating if I ever need to be gone for the weekend, as he’ll literally eat all her food before she touches it.

So far my solution is to put a little inflatable collar on him when I’m gone, so he has a barrier besides his fat to keep him from going in.

Also I had to barricade his automatic feeder because he kept beating it up to get loose kibbles. Now he stares longingly at that feeder all day.”

4. Drama.

“We adopted a puppy last year (german pointer/mutt female). Our 6 year old pup (corgi/border collie male) was fine at first, but gradually decided he was not having any of her shenanigans and will growl/bark at her when he doesn’t want to play.

Now she’s turned it into a game and whenever she wants attention she lays in front of him on her back, belly exposed, wags her tail and wiggles her body – she never touches him during this. He ALWAYS responds with low tone growling and a random bark.

It’s the dog version of “I’m not touching you”.”

5. It’s hopeless.

“The dachshund will NOT stop invading the beagle’s personal space (crate) to suck on her ears. The beagle has HAD it and wants it to stop. Two things though.

Beagles have a really hard time being stern and intimidating

Dachshunds are NOT easily intimidated

So this morning we had 40 minutes of beagle “growling” (not very convincing sounding) and dachshund “sass” (barking back) ending up AS USUAL with an annoyed beagle with soggy ears.

It’s hopeless.”

6. Dirty looks.

“The dog doesn’t like when the cat gives him dirty looks.

The cat knows this, will deliberately stare him down, and then expertly leap out of the way when he goes to chase her.”

7. Furious.

“We got a puppy two weeks ago. Our elderly cat is furious when we do dog training sessions because cat deserves the treats instead.

We end up doing joint training sessions and the cat is actually much more consistent than puppy.”

8. Fighting for air.

“Two cats.

I opened the window for the first time this year since the weather is finally nice.

They have been pushing each other away for the best spot to smell the air.”

9. Like “Tom and Jerry.”

“I have a cat, a puppy, and a dog.

Cat likes to lure the puppy under the bed and he can get under but gets stuck in the middle where it’s the lowest. I have to rescue him (usually around 2 am and he wakes me up by scratching the floor trying to get out).

Cat also likes to knock off things from the counter he knows puppy should not be chewing on. Puppy and cat like to wrestle with each other. But dog doesn’t like the ruckus and barks at them to stop. Cat doesn’t like the barking so then he chases dog.

Puppy follows cat and there’s a train of 3 Tom and Jerry style through the house. At the end of the day tho they are always in a big cuddle pile so I think they’ll be okay.”

10. No more toys.

“I have 3 dogs. 2 of them are having a mostly passive aggressive war over toys.

It started with a squeaky toy, a blue bone shaped one. The younger dog, Reese, started showing off how wonderful the squeaky toy is. The older dog, Pepper, is very jealous. So he would carefully steal it every time Reese got the slightest bit careless.

This escalated to them tossing it in the air in front of the other to taunt about who had the toy. Needless to say some tosses resulted in the toy changing hands.

Soon other toys got really contentious. Pepper especially wanted all the toys so he lay on top of them like a dragon hoard. Reese would take whatever toy he had and toss it in front of Pepper to show that there were still good toys not in his dragon hoard.

This culminated with a serious disagreement between them and now all the toys are out of reach for the foreseeable future.”

11. Uh oh…

“I have 4 cats. One of them, Gomez, is very sick. He’s gone from around 9-10lbs down to 5.5 in a month and a half, which is a very dangerous amount.

The vet said that, to help him regain weight, we should give him a can of wet food twice per day; normally, wet food is just a treat and only happens, like, once per month.

The other 3 cats are soooo jealous!”

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