Do you remember the moment when you realized that you were now considered an adult and you definitely were NOT a kid anymore?

I think mine was probably was first week away from home during my Freshman year of college. It finally sunk in…I was 18-years-old and I had better do well and not mess around or else I’d probably be in pretty bad shape.

I was now A MAN…well, kind of…

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say about the moments they realized they weren’t kids anymore.

1. But…you’re an adult…

“I told my niece she needed adult supervision to do something and she looked me like I was dumber than a block of cheese and asked why I couldn’t watch her.”

2. That’s a weird feeling.

“When some doctors or teachers are younger than me.

The last time I was at the ER I slowly realized that all the medical personnel treating me were younger than me.”

3. They’re depending on you…

“When my actions started to change a lot people’s life.

“If I don’t do shopping today I cannot cook for my wife and she would not have any food to take in the other day and in the next day I will be working so no one will buy food”.

4. Oh, I’M the man…

“At work one day when I was 19, I heard a little girl ask her mom “what’s that man doing?”

I turned to look at what man she was talking about and what the man was doing, only to discover she was pointing at me.”

5. Inner dialogue.

“Having the “we have food at home” talk with myself.

I realized it when my thought process went from ”What do I feel like having for dinner?” to “What do I have to eat before it spoils and I wind up wasting the money I spent on it?”.”

6. Wait, what?

“In high school a friend of mine worked at a laser tag place. He got a bunch of us in for free one day. In the waiting room we had a friendly trash talking match with some 12 year olds about the upcoming game.

One of them came back with “You’re on! Kids vs adults!””

7. I feel this one.

“When I saw a forecast for snow and I was annoyed instead of happy.

Kids see potential snow day and imagine all the fun a snowy day brings. Adults see shoveling it out of the driveway just so you can sit thru a shitty drive to work.”

8. The speech.

“I used to be able to take days off work whenever i wanted and now i find myself having to have the “if you take that many days off you wont be able to pay your mortgage so suck it up and go to work” speech with myself at least once a week.


9. No more relaxing.

“When I realized I could never be fully relaxed because there’s always some responsibility looming over me.”

10. Not cool.

“I recently turned 21 and I’ve already had at least 3 kids call me “Boomer”.”

11. Back in my day…

“I was driving my sister around and I pointed out to her a building that used to be a Blockbuster where my dad would take us to when I was a kid.

Then I was crying inside at the fact that I said “when I was a kid”.”

12. It’s not automatic.

“When I lost my job (this was pre-Corona).

I realized that I’d treated my career like it was school, as if I would keep moving up automatically.

It was a juvenile way to approach success, and I realized that if I wanted more from my life and career I couldn’t just expect it to happen.”

13. Game changer.

“When they said, “some people will meet the person they are going to marry here” at my university welcome speech.

That shit fucked me up real good.”

14. Everyone is pretty much clueless.

“Realizing that nobody knows what the hell they are doing, everyone is just winging it.

Asked a mate (one of the most well put together guys I know) if he had any adulting tips. Just came back with “if you ever find out, please tell me.”

15. That’s scary.

“My first year of teaching.

When we told the kids to get an adult if there’s an emergency and I realized I was the adult they would be getting.”

That’s always an interesting moment, isn’t it?

How about you?

Do you remember the moment when you realized you weren’t a kid anymore?

If so, please share your story with us in the comments.